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Upon entering hip hop, I have been discovering more: Erick Cháirez, pure lagoon talent

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The lagoon singer Erick Yahir Cháirez Esparza, has been delivered in body and soul to musicand through it He has shown his talent where several doors have been opened and so it will continue until it becomes recognized at the national level, as it was announced in an interview for MILLENNIUM.

Erick Yahir Cháirez Esparza, who will appear this Saturday at Gruperísimo on Canal 6 de Multimedios, He commented, “I started singing in trucks about 10 years ago, and then I went to sing in inns and restaurants, where little by little more doors opened.”

As his talent became more recognized they gave him the opportunity to sing in bars and some local groups they invited him to become their vocalist.

He commented that, “I have worked in three groups, El Séptimo Eslabón, which was versatile, Index, was rock in Spanish and English and Atorón Musical, which is the one I am currently working on, it is versatile but more focused on the tropical”. Dedicated to music for 10 years, and about three and a half years ago, he joined the rap culture.

“I feel that when I entered hip-hop, I have been discovering myself more, I have more love for the stage, more confidence, this stage helped me a lot to grow in singing, I do not sing rap, only versatile music, in the rap I only do battles and I have gone to represent La Laguna”.

As a soloist, the Torreon native assures that he had the opportunity to show his talent in other cities, such as Mexico City, Saltillo, Campeche, Yucatán, Cancún and Toluca.

secures Erick who as a soloist sings a little of everything, but his strength is the romantic ballad“singing a lot to love, it is my approach, the romantic, but whenever I go to sing they ask me for everything”.

Also Cháirez Esparza has been given the composition, and assures that he already has several melodies of his inspiration. He also commented that, “I already have some songs, I have never published them because there has not been the opportunity to do it well, they are of the ballad and pop genre.”

His dream is to get to step on stages such as La Voz México and La Academia, and although he has already sent material to participate in La Voz and got an answer, in his time he did not do it for labor reasons. The young man participates in the musical verbena in charge of the Laguneros Singersevery Saturday in the Plaza de Armas. Erick shares his talent through various videos on YouTube and he has also sung in the palenques lagoons, obtaining a good response.

He commented that, “On Facebook I am like Erick Esparza and on Youtube like Erick Orgullo Lagunero, there are videos of well-known melodies that I perform.


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