Unpublished photo hit of Shakira; I used to look like this when I was a teenager

Colombians have been praised for their natural beauty, although their teenage photos reveal their greatness after gaining fame.

Colombo Shakira Considered one of the most important Latin singers. In addition, Colombians have always been praised for their hip movements and the natural beauty that comes in each presentation.

However, the life of the singer can be divided into two stages: Before and after being blonde.

Yes ok Shakira has always been a very attractive woman, The reality is that the beauty she now claims was not always the same. a Image of their teenage years This indicates that “Shaky” has undergone a change over the years.

Shakira, are you this?

Famous wife of GĂ©rard Piki, Barcelona players before gaining world fame, I climbed on stage To sing with darker songs and melodic tunes. These songs were accented by a rocker look, in which he stood out Her long black hair.

That Was the tone with which he began his music career, Being a good teenager, who shifted his body to the rhythm of Arabian dance.

Now, Unpublished photo of Shakira in adolescence This has caused a lot of amazement, as it is unattainable. The image circulating on the social network shows a young woman with a big smile – the same one she sees so far – but the rest of us did not like the woman we know so much today.

The smile of the singer is such that despite the years is still as beautiful

photography She immediately generated comments, as some fans criticized her for “forgetting her roots”; Still others believe that it has always been beautiful and now it has only evolved.

Do you think Shakira would have achieved the success that now she has black hair?

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