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Univisión journalist diagnosed with breast and skin cancer impacts with new image

  • Lourdes del Río fights a tough battle against breast and skin cancer
  • The Univisión journalist impresses with a new image
  • “My heart and my faith are bulletproof,” he said in his reappearance on television

Even though he shared the exact moment, through his social networks, in which she shed her hair, the well-known Univisión journalist Lourdes del Río, who is fighting a tough battle against breast cancer and has overcome skin cancer, kept the mystery going for several hours, leaving everyone shocked when she decided to show her new image.

In a recent interview with People in Spanish, the television presenter recalled that it was last February that she underwent a mammogram that she believed would be routine, since she did not feel anything, but what was her surprise when they confirmed that cancer had been detected breast Months later, she was also diagnosed with skin cancer, although she underwent surgery to remove the cancer cells.

“I also have my falls”, acknowledges Lourdes del Río

"I also have my falls", recognizes Lourdes del Río

In this same interview, the Univisión journalist acknowledged that she does not live 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in a happy cloud, because she also has her downfalls and her challenges: “I simply choose that I am going to get up. Therein lies the difference. That you decide to stay on the floor or decide to get up. And if you can’t get up today, you get up tomorrow.”

What few know is that Lourdes del Río got in touch with people who have survived this disease, including Adamari López and María Marín. The actress Karla Monroig has also been an important part of this process, even she was the person who dared to cut her hair in a decision that surprised locals and strangers.

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