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UNFAITHFUL? Bad Bunny is caught in the middle of a party kissing a fan

  • They leak a compromising video of Bad Bunny.
  • They catch the singer kissing a fan in the middle of a party.
  • They call Bad Bunny unfaithful.

Bad Bunny kissing fanatic. When it comes to celebrities, social networks are filled with topics that generate thousands of comments about what happens in the daily life of stars, recently a photograph of one of the most sought-after actresses in the middle of the show began to circulate. Bad Bunny is placed in controversy after allegedly being unfaithful to his partner

Social networks are already part of the daily life of many people, including celebrities, as it is a means by which celebrities can share everything that happens around them with those who follow their accounts. A compromising video of Bad Bunny recently began to circulate where he was branded as unfaithful.

Bad Bunny is accused of being unfaithful for a compromising video

Bad Bunny kissing fanatic

Bad Bunny is currently one of the most successful urban genre singers of the moment, this was achieved by his successes and his scandal-free professional life, but that ended just a few hours ago. Well, after a compromising recording of the interpreter of “Little Eyes” was leaked, everything changed completely.

Through various accounts on the Instagram platform, this recording began to circulate where the “Bad Rabbit” is seen kissing with the least expected, which is why they branded him unfaithful. Let us remember that the urban genre singer denied having an affair with the influencer Gabriela Berlingeri, but many assure that they are still together. Filed Under: Bad Bunny kissing fanatic.

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