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Tyler Perry teases ‘Sister Act 3’ and Whoopi Goldberg influence on film (exclusive)

Tyler Perry teases 'Sister Act 3' and Whoopi Goldberg influence on film (exclusive)

ET spoke to Perry about the next 'Sister Act' installment and his new Paramount+ series 'Never Seen Again.'

the third installment sister Act Thanks to Tyler Perry, the franchise is nearing completion. ET’s Rachel Smith talks to Perry about it sister act 3 And how Whoopi Goldberg influenced film.

“We’re so far down the line, and so in the script and in the making of it — I’m really excited for that,” Perry said.

While Perry is behind the third film in the trilogy, he was sure to make sure that Goldberg — who is reprising her role as Deloris Van Cartier and her witness protection alter ego, Sister Marie Clarence — had a role in her. Had a hand in honoring the character and the 30 year old legacy of the film.

Perry said of the first two films of the trilogy, “It’s whoopie more than anything. I wanted it to be the experience I had seeing them both.” “I want everyone who watches it, to feel like it’s coming out of the theater, to feel a sense of the good in life.”

He continued, “And as far as Whoopi is concerned, because I just want to make sure she was respecting Dolores and respecting the women and the nuns, and what she had done before, so, I’m really excited about the script. It’s going to be really, really phenomenal.”

Perry’s participation in sister Act It’s been a long time since the franchise has come. Back in November 2018, Goldberg appeared on Watch Live with Andy Cohen What Happens? with Perry, and the famed filmmaker suggested a third sister Act The movie starring Goldberg and Tiffany Haddish.

“In both of them sister Act, it should be so. Let’s do it,” Perry insisted.

What began as a conversation became a reality two years later when Disney announced that sister act 3 Goldberg was a producer on the project and Perry was also producing.

While there is no official release date for sister act 3The 52-year-old media mogul has been busy creating and producing his new Paramount+ true-crime series, never seen again,

Perry, who is hoping the show will bring justice and consolation to the families who have lost their loved ones, told ET that tragic missing 27-year-old Terrence Williams.

The first two episodes of the show focus on the case of Terence, who disappeared in Naples, Florida in 2004, when he was spotted in the Collier County Sheriff’s patrol car.

“I was flipping through channels maybe five or six years ago, and I saw stories, so I reached out to her mom,” Perry explained.

Perry, who credited his late mother for her human spirit, said that by helping people like Terence’s mother, he was, in essence, paying tribute to himself and “letting him know that he did well by me.” Did.”

“The thing that made me want to get involved too – I think the story got to me, and seeing her mom and her mom made me miss me and how if something happened to me, my mom wouldn’t stop until I Can’t hold my breath to find it,” he shared.

See more of Terence’s story in the first season of never seen again –Available to stream on Paramount+ now.

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