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Tyler Cameron criticizes Hannah Brown’s comments on their love affair: “I have receipts too”

tyler cameron and hannah brown

Tyler Cameron responded to Hannah Brown’s comments that he had “hurt her deeply” while promoting her new memoir, saying, “She has to sell books.”

Tyler cameron responded to Hannah browncomments on how he “rejected” her while promoting her recently published memoir, God bless this mess. The former Bachelorette, 27, recalls trying to reconnect with Tyler, 28, after her split from Jed wyatt in 2019 only to find out he had started dating Gigi hadid. While on Nikki and Brie bella‘s The Bellas podcast On Nov. 29, Tyler responded to the comments.

“Obviously there was a recent title with Hannah Brown,” Nikki said. “She went out with a book, didn’t she, and just mentioned how heartbroken she is [your] rejection. ”When the sisters posted a text message mentioned in Hannah’s book, Tyler said,“ I have receipts too. ”He continued,“ You know, all of that. Like, first of all, you’re going to see the level of respect we have for each other. The way I talked about her in my book only showed love, we’ll see how she talks about me in her book, you know.

(Tyler published his own memoir, You Deserve Better: What Life Has Taught Me About Love, Relationships, and Becoming the Best of Yourself, in July.) He added that he only wished Hannah the best. “I hope she is happy. I hope she succeeds, ”Tyler said. “You know, she writes books, she has to sell books, she has to make the headlines, then. Sell ​​them books. His response comes after Hannah said PEOPLE in an interview published on November 17 that she was “really caught off guard” through Tyler’s brief love affair with Gigi after she expressed a desire to “make things work”.

Tyler Cameron And Hannah Brown
Tyler Cameron and Hannah Brown in “The Bachelorette” (ABC)

“I was really hoping we would start dating again,” Hannah said. “I thought I made a mistake. I had feelings for Tyler. We had very intimate conversations about planning trips and things. I wanted it to work and know it all happened for a reason. But maybe there was miscommunication about what that meant.

The two met in Hannah season 15 The bachelorette, with Tyler entering as the second runner-up. She and Jed eventually got engaged, but that was called off after it was revealed that Jed had a girlfriend. Of Tyler’s romance with Gigi, Hannah said, “I knew we weren’t together or were not openly dating, but just from the conversations we had, it was so shocking – and so public. “

She added, “I felt like I had to be strong and pretend I didn’t mind when it was. I was already on the ground and it was another kick. I was deeply hurt. I said to Tyler, “I would date Gigi Hadid too if I could, I get it.” But that was not the way I would have liked it to be handled. Hannah said they “hadn’t spoken” in the months that followed, explaining: “I was mad at him.”

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