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two emmy nominations together

two emmy nominations together

Gene Smarot is going through what could be his head A career that takes more than four decades. just happened two amy. nominated for: For Best Supporting Actress easttown mare And as the hero of a comedy hacks.

Thus, he could increase his personal crop of top awards on American television to five.

Despite her long career, and last year she was nominated for her role as Agent Laurie Blake watchman, many met her simply for her role as the matriarch of a decaying family easttown mare (Available on HBO Max).

In that cop, she was Kate Winslet’s caustic police mother: her name was Helen Fahey and she was the moral pillar of a clan that was going through a difficult situation.

That abusive, video game addict great-grandmother He added a humorous touch to a story for the other dramatic. He was one of those supporting characters who almost stands out as a leading man and keeps the plot going.

how’s the hacks

Gene Smart In &Quot;Hacks&Quot;

Gene Smart in “Hacks”

Her character as Deborah Vance, she composes in Queen of Las Vegas hacks (also on HBO Max), she couldn’t be more different, though she’s also a mother with a complicated home front.

Dorothy has been doing her comedy numbers in Las Vegas for over thirty years. This is the main attraction of the Palmetto Hotel and Casino, run by an old friend and eternal rival Marty (Christopher McDonald).

Vance has a loyal follower. But faced with the threat of a techno vocal group, the city’s sensation, his agent (Paul W. Downs) imposes on him a millennial screenwriter named Ava (in charge of comedian Hannah Inbinder). This Ava is bad: She was fired because of a politically incorrect joke and she has no shortage of job offers.

That’s why he has to work with Deborah, a bad-ass diva. Millionaire and Capricorn, he is not the ideal boss. But this strange pair will somehow begin to understand each other, and thus get into Ava Vance’s family problems.

There are many differences between the two. To begin with, they are from different generations. Ava is bisexual and addicted to the Internet, and Deborah’s jokes seem outdated and masculine. Plus, they both deal with families in conflict, are feminists, and are haunted by past mistakes.

Jean Smart

jean smart

This is the original approach to comedy that many believe one of the series of the year. It has a yielding sitcom format with half-hour chapters, and several secondary characters that give flight to the plot, such as Marcus (Karl Clemons-Hopkins), a loyal side of Dorothy.

a broad career

And Smart shows up again, showing all his talent and experience. his first recurring role was teacher only, a fleeting series from 1983, but it has been a constant presence on American television since then. His career includes no less than 120 performances in between supporting and leading roles.

That list includes classic series such as frasierhandjob design womenhandjob 24handjob fargo u troop. So far he has won three Emmys, two for frasier (two) and for one Samantha who?