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two broken ribs in her filmmaking debut

two broken ribs in her filmmaking debut

Get hit over and over again. And not only in the cage or mixed wrestling ring of Wound. Halle berry is Jackie Justice in the fiction of the film that this Wednesday the 24th premieres by Netflix, and in which, at the same time, she makes her debut as a director.

Everything happens to Jackie. Former wrestler – she retired after an “embarrassing” defeat – when she thinks she can raise her head, she discovers that she must take care of her 6-year-old son, whom she hadn’t seen for a long time, because the father had just been shot in the head. Abused by her manager and partner – Berry has, in her personal life, more than a history of violent boyfriends and partners – she decides the path of redemption: she will fight for the title, she will recover the love of her son and she will believe she finds love in other woman.

Maybe a lot to tell in her first film, but here we are, sitting in front of the Zoom screen to talk to the first black woman to win the Oscar for best leading actress.

Halle Berry Is A Fan Of This Type Of Combat, So In Addition To Starring In The Film, She Decided To Direct It.  Netflix Photo

Halle Berry is a fan of this type of combat, so in addition to starring in the film, she decided to direct it. Netflix photo

-What do you remember most about your visit to Argentina in 2013 for the premiere of “911: Deadly Call”?

-Uh, the crowd and the people, and the love. I always love when I go to that part of the world, I feel a lot of love.

When He Came To Buenos Aires, Accompanying The Premiere Of &Quot;911: Deadly Call&Quot;, In April 2013. Photo File Clarín

When he came to Buenos Aires, accompanying the premiere of “911: Deadly Call”, in April 2013. Photo File Clarín

-And in this movie, your main opponent, in the fiction of “Herida”, is an Argentine fighter. Was that in the original script?

-Yes. And in reality she is not an Argentine fighter (Editors’ note: it’s Valentina Shevchenko, current UFC flyweight champion), but she plays one in the movie.

Another Premiere.  On November 13, At The Chinese Theater, In Hollywood, And For &Quot;Wound&Quot;, Her Debut As A Director.  Reuters Photo

Another premiere. On November 13, at the Chinese Theater, in Hollywood, and for “Wound”, her debut as a director. Reuters photo

-And are you a big fan of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and do you go to events, live fights, with some assiduity?

-Yes, I have been a fan of the UFC and boxing for a long, long time, so when I received this script, it was a story that I wanted to bring to life. Because I love sport very much. I go to events. It is one of my favorite things to do.

Jackie Justice Vs.  The &Quot;Killer&Quot; Chávez.  Her Opponent In Fiction Is An Argentine Fighter.  Netflix Photo

Jackie Justice vs. the “Killer” Chávez. Her opponent in fiction is an Argentine fighter. Netflix photo

-Did you have any injuries while filming, any injuries?

-Yes. I had two broken ribs. Oh yeah, it’s part of the thing, you know, when actors do their own “stunts,” that’s what happens. It’s part of the way …

The truth is that Cat Zingan, a former UFC fighter, sued Halle Berry because she claims she had promised her a leading role in Wound. It seems that Jackie’s life in fiction and Zingan’s life have similarities, hence the offering. The fighter alleges that she turned down an offer for a UFC fight in order to star in the film, and that she was ultimately eliminated from the project and from the UFC.

With Pierce Brosnan, At The Premiere Of &Quot;Another Day To Die&Quot; (2002): It Was The &Quot;Bond Girl&Quot; Jinx Johnson, Shortly After Winning The Oscar.  Ap Photo

With Pierce Brosnan, at the premiere of “Another Day to Die” (2002): it was the “Bond girl” Jinx Johnson, shortly after winning the Oscar. AP Photo

Junkie, Bond girl and X-Men

Born in Cleveland, Ohio, on August 14, 1966, her father abandoned her and her mother when she was 4 years old. Halle Berry started out as a model, went on to compete for Miss Universe and was a model for Revlon. He made his film debut with Spike Lee in Jungle fever (Love fever and madness, 1991) as Vivian, a drug addict.

As Storm, One Of The &Quot;X-Men&Quot;.  Photo Clarín Archive

As Storm, one of the “X-Men”. Photo Clarín Archive

It was Storm in several movies of the X Men, “Bond girl” in Another day to die, next to Pierce Brosnan, and Catwoman in the forgettable Catwoman (another mess was The Flintstones).

In a relationship with musician Van Hunt, Halle was married three times. He agreed with former baseball player David Justice (1993 to 1997), singer Eric Benét (2001 to 2005) and Olivier Martinez (2013 to 2016), the French actor with whom she has her 8-year-old son Maceo Robert Martínez. She has an older daughter, Nahla Ariela Aubry (13), from her relationship with Canadian model Gabriel Aubry, with whom she disputed her legal tenure.

Sweet Wait.  It Is June 13, 2013: Frenchman Olivier Martinez Caresses Halle, In Paris.  They Had A Male Child, Maceo.  Photo Efe

Sweet wait. It is June 13, 2013: Frenchman Olivier Martinez caresses Halle, in Paris. They had a male child, Maceo. Photo EFE

-Well, tell us why you took the roles of director and lead actress (Nick Cassavetes was going to direct it, and it was starred by Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds’ wife).

-Yes. I can’t say that’s what I intended to do when I signed (the contract), to make this movie, when I realized that I wanted to play the character. Sometimes your destiny finds you, and I think that’s exactly what happened here. I realized that I couldn’t find a director who thought, who saw it the way I saw it, because the script wasn’t really in script form, it was just kind of a figment of my imagination, the way I had to do it, reimagine that world. So at the end of the day, it sounded crazy, but I realized that maybe I should be the one to do it.

&Quot;Sometimes Your Destiny Finds You And That

“Sometimes your destiny finds you and that’s what happened here,” Berry told Clarín about why he directed the film. Netflix photo

-When did you feel, internally, that you wanted to start your career as a film director?

-I think that at some point in this process, of getting the script and trying to find a filmmaker, rewriting the story, training, at some point along the way it was when I realized, I think I need to tell the story. I have worked in the industry for 30 years, I have worked with some of the best directors. I have been learning and learning and I have been a film student, a lover of cinema in the cinema. So I thought it was a good time for me to start. It is a subject that I love, and the world in which it was created is a world that I know very intimately.

Admiration. &Quot;The First 'Rocky' Is One Of My All-Time Favorites&Quot;, He Counted.  What Others?  Netflix Photo

Admiration. “The first ‘Rocky’ is one of my all-time favorites,” he said. What others? Netflix photo

-And did you have any kind of inspiration in movies like “Million Dollar Baby” or perhaps in one of the “Rocky” movies?

-Yes, the first Rocky it’s one of my all-time favorites. The Wrestler (The fighter), a fight movie by Darren Aronofsky, is one of my favorites. And of course, million dollar Baby. I love fighting. I love all those movies, I love seeing the homeless win and their will to survive and find redemption, which is one of the reasons I wanted to tell this story too.

Halle, 55, Makes Her Directorial Debut And Had To &Quot;Cut&Quot; Her Own Performance During Editing.  Netflix Photo

Halle, 55, makes her directorial debut AND had to “cut” her own performance during editing. Netflix photo

-And will you miss seeing the movie at the cinema? Because “Herida” had its premiere at the Toronto Film Festival last year.

-Yes, it will be released in theaters for a little while, so that people can see it in the movies. It will live on Netflix, you know, for the entire life of the movie, but people will have the opportunity to see it, whoever still wants to do it in the cinema, and who misses the cinema. That is good.

-It’s your first film as a director. Was it difficult for you to edit, cut your work as an actress?

-If you want to know the truth, be a director and be the star at the same time and have a role as big as that and be my first film, it was all difficult, but I had wonderful editors who helped me navigate through the process. And he was constantly learning and constantly growing. So no, I won’t say it was more difficult than any other part of making the movie.

On November 21, Cardi B Accepts An Award At The American Music Awards.  He Worked With Berry On The Music For The Film Afp Photo

On November 21, Cardi B accepts an award at the American Music Awards. He worked with Berry on the music for the film AFP Photo

-And how did the idea of ​​working on the soundtrack of the film with Cardi B come about?

-It was fantastic working with her. I mean, I think she’s one of the most beloved hip hop artists of this generation. So collaborating with her and doing hip hop for the first time, it was not only a bit of history, but really a lot of fun, and I think it added a lot to the movie.

&Quot;I Said That Jokingly,&Quot; Halle Replied About Directing A Remake Of &Quot;Catwoman,&Quot; Which Was One Of Her Outright Failures.  Photo Clarín Archive

“I said that jokingly,” Halle replied about directing a remake of “Catwoman,” which was one of her outright failures. Photo Clarín Archive

-So you want to direct a remake of “Catwoman”? It’s true?

-No, I do not want to. I said that jokingly. Someone asked me about Catwoman, and you tell jokes, and then these things become, you know, “truths.” I have no interest in directing another Catwoman. I was joking with a journalist who was joking with me.

The first to win the Oscar

When she won the Oscar for Best Leading Actress for Life change (Monster’s ball) and became the first black woman to get it, kicking off her speech saying, “This moment is so much bigger than me. This moment is for Dorothy Dandridge, Lena Horne, Diahann Carroll. It is for the women who are standing next to me, Jada Pinkett Smith, Angela Bassett, Vivica A. Fox. It is for every faceless, nameless woman of color that now has a chance because a door was opened tonight. Thank you. I am so honored. “

With Tears.  This Is How He Accepted His Hollywood Academy Award For &Quot;A Matter Of Life&Quot; At The 2002 Ceremony. Ap Photo

With tears. This is how he accepted his Hollywood Academy Award for “A Matter of Life” at the 2002 ceremony. AP Photo

-You were the first African-American actress to win the Oscar as a leading actress. And your acceptance speech was exciting, do you think it was motivating for other people? How do you see it 20 years later?

-I hope so. I mean, people still come to me 20 years later and talk to me about it, so I think it must have been motivating, it certainly stuck with people, I think in a very sincere way. So I would like to think that it motivated people.

Reference from clarin