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Twenty-five years after the emblematic “Thank you… total!†by Gustavo Cerati, in the separation of Soda Stereo On September 20, 1997, a crowded River stadium was a privileged witness to a night marked by sensations and the music of Zeta Bosio, Charly Alberti and a Cerati who is still sorely missed

“Thank you Totals”, the emblematic greeting of Gustavo Cerati in the last Soda Stero show

“Not only would we have been nothing without you, but with all the people who were around us, from the beginning. Some continue to this day. Thank you…totals!”.

with those words Gustavo Cerati ended the last concert of soda Stereowho retired in a big way: more than 60,000 people they filled the stadium River the night of September 20, 1997. In 2007, exactly ten years later, the trio would return in Museum to present the tour you will see me return. But that is another story.

Let’s go back to 1997. With the decision accomplished, the band announced the separation and its leader published a heartfelt letter addressed to his fans, in the supplement Yes.

These lines arise from what I have perceived these days on the street, in the fans who approach me, in the people around me, and in my own personal experience. I share the sadness generated in many by the news of our dissolution. I myself am immersed in that state because few things have been as important and rewarding in my life as Soda Stereo.

Gustavo Cerati

Anyone knows that it is virtually impossible to run a group without some level of conflict. It is a fragile balance in the struggle of ideas that very few manage to preserve for 15 years and turn it into a chain of relevant artistic events for people, as we proudly did.

But, lately, different personal and musical misunderstandings were creating a knot of emotional tension that began to compromise that balance. Right there excuses are generated not to play, excuses not to face each other, excuses not to create, excuses finally for a group future in which we no longer believe as we did in the past.

Cutting to the chase is, excuse the redundancy, asserting our mental health above all else and, also, a sign of respect for the public that follows us and followed us all this time. I would also like to clarify that this state has nothing to do with my frequent trips to Chile (I am based here, in my country, and this is where I intend to explore my future as I always did) or with the sporadic musical projects that I have made outside of Soda.

This decision was born from within the group and from there a “new” excuse is also generated to meet again for the last time: music, which is the one that speaks best and will speak for us. A big hug & see you soon.

Cerati, Bosio and Alberti in full;  their differences were not noticeable on stage
Cerati, Bosio and Alberti in full; their differences were not noticeable on stage

Soda Stereo began their farewell tour on August 30, 1997 in Mexico City, where he also played on the 31st of that month. On September 2 she appeared at Montereythe 6 in Caracasand on the 13th Santiago de Chile.

On September 20, 1997, the trio was preparing to give their last recital, preparing to close a stage of successes, of endless trips throughout the continent, of full stadiums and of a popularity like very few rock groups had in this part. of the world.

“The morning of the last show Gustavo woke up early and from the living room window he spied on the people who had been queuing since noon. Looking through the blinds, he amused himself thinking that no one down there imagined that while they waited to see him become almost a god on stage that same night, he was there in front of him taking care of the domestic chores of his house, “he narrated. journalist John Morris In a column published in New York Times and extracted from his book Cerati. The biography.

And he added: “His apartment in Argentina was exactly four blocks from the stadium and he had thought of dressing up and walking across, but the influx of people was so great that the plan was impossible.”

“I share the sadness that the news of our dissolution generates in many,” Cerati said in a letter addressed to his fans.

The concert started after 10:30 p.m. At that point, the three support bands -Tumbas, Avant Press and the Holy Innocents- had already done their job, there was not room for a pin on the court and only the main course of the night was missing: the appearance of Gustavo Cerati, Zeta Bosio and Charly Alberti on stage.

At 10:35 p.m. the lights went out and only the flashes of the photographers’ cameras revealed the silhouette of Cerati, who took the microphone and said: “Hello… The hour, the minute, the second, the instant has arrived. I guess they’re thirsty. Soda Stereo, Buenos Aires, Argentina”. At that moment the first chords of “The city of fury” and the party broke out.

“In the City of Fury”, Soda Stereo in River, in The Last Concert

However, for the musicians there was little to celebrate because they felt strange. that’s how i remembered it Charlie Alberti in an interview with The Viola in 2012: “It was a very strange day. I started the show very sad thinking that it was the last time I played each song of the band. I didn’t know there was going to be a 2007.”

And he added: “In a moment I was able to change the energy and enjoy the show. In the last recital I put on the shirt of the Argentine National Team, I had that need. The end of the show was weird, we went backstage and I didn’t say hello to the guys. We never fought but we were so tired of being together”.

Los Soda with manager Daniel Kon at the closing of the recital
Los Soda with manager Daniel Kon at the closing of the recital

The concert had 27 songs and was attended by Andrea Alvarezwho came on stage to “What Bleeds (The Dome)”; Richard Colemanwho was invited to do “TV Overdose”; Y fabian little fox Von Quintierowho played in “American blinds”.

It is of little use that I begin to explain the reasons and all that. Everyone in some way understands that if one decides to separate it is because they think that the future will be better in another way. Or -in any case- different, or out of respect we don’t want people to experience the decline of a group when they feel that their future isn’t such”, said Cerati in those days. (Extract taken from the book Cerati in first personof Maitena Aboitiz). And he completed: “On other occasions we have had distances, moments of crisis, probably we even talked about that situation, but really the moment arrives when it arrives”.

“It goes without saying that this was not a normal show at all,” said Zeta Bosio

For its part, Zeta Bosio He pointed it out like this: “It goes without saying that that was not, at all, a normal show. Once on stage I couldn’t help but think about many things at once and one of them was the shock of not playing bass with Soda again. Lost in my thoughts, I went even further: I also didn’t know if I would ever play live again”. (Collected from the book I know that placeBosio’s biography).

My personal duel was triple: I was still trying to get out of the situation of having lost my son, when I was also losing my job and the band of my life, for which I had done so much”, underlined the bassist.

When the concert ended, family members, relatives and friends of the band took the stage.
When the concert ended, family members, relatives and friends of the band took the stage.

The show went through all the states, and although the musicians were not going through the best moment of the relationship between them, before the public it was not noticed and they were impeccable. Gustavo was seen very excited in several passagesfor example when it was the turn of “When the tremor passes”. In that song she stared at the people for several seconds with her eyes full of tears.

The themes ran and the emotion was getting stronger, until the encores came and people began to perceive that the epilogue of the show was approaching. An end that was already irremediable.

“Of Light Music”that theme that made them mega-known, was the one chosen to end the recital and, at the end of it, Cerati pronounced that phrase that will be remembered forever despite the passing of the years: Total thanks!

Charly Alberti's drum patch with the list of songs from the concert;  the musician shared it on his social networks in 2014
Charly Alberti’s drum patch with the list of songs from the concert; the musician shared it on his social networks in 2014

The list of themes of the show

In the city of fury / The rite / Man overboard / (In) The seventh day / Animal song / Game of seduction / Tell-tale heart / You usually leave me alone / Walking around Rome / What bleeds (La Cúpula) (with Andrea Álvarez ) / Signs / Zoom / She used my head like a revolver / Eternal record / Glider / Red moon / Tea for three / I don’t need to see you (To know) / TV overdose (With Richard Coleman) / Treat me gently / When the shaking passes / American blind (With Fabián Quintiero) / A million light years / In eddies / Spring 0 / The sun goes down / Light music.


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