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TV reunites Cecilia Dopazzo and Fernan Miraso

TV reunites Cecilia Dopazzo and Fernan Miraso

He rose to fame with his leading roles in the very young Cecilia Dopazzo and Fernan Miras Joe. fierce tango, nearly three decades ago, they crossed paths again in a narrative, as the mother and father of two teenagers in the series Mateo’s world, available from Flow.

Thirty years passed from one story to another and the actor recalls the experience that united them again in the cinema and in real life, and participation in this current fiction, which has just premiered its second season and in which share anguish over a tragedy that affected their children.

Mateo’s world KZA, co-produced by Idealismo Contenidos y Flo and directed by Mariano Hueter, is a police miniseries that chronicles the disappearance and death of a teenager, and all the charges fall on one of her classmates.

But the plot exposes very vague aspects of family and social relationships in the context where the drama takes place.

Cecilia Dopazzo And Fernán Miras Part Of The Cast And With Director Mariano Hueter (Third From Left).

Mariano Hueter (third from left), with Cecilia Dopazzo and Fernan Miras part of the cast and director.

He again shared a fiction where a very difficult and dark story is told. How was the meeting?

you see: We didn’t have many crosses in the first season, because Cecilia plays the slain boy’s mother and I, the accused boy’s father for the crime. So the scenes in which we coincided were short and tense because of the plot. But in this second season, her character changes her attitude and herself tries to find out what happened to her son and That quest also includes my character.

dopazo: In the first part, my character was important because it is about a woman who is facing the worst situations that life can present to you. But it didn’t have much effect on the plot. In the new chapters, she decides to take a more active role in the face of the inertia of the police and justice and go out to discover the truth. She is not convinced by the hypothesis that the perpetrator is a juvenile and therefore investigates herself. And other than that, who would have such a stronger motivation to discover the truth than the accused’s father? u There they come together to solve all that darkness.

Fernán Miras And Renato Quattordio In A Scene From The Series.

Fernán Miras and Renato Quattordio in a scene from the series.

The plot between suspense and truth

Selina (Dopazzo) and Alejo (Miras) are certain that, behind the teen’s death, Includes local police force In a complicated web of false leads. Along with this are other confusing terms related to drugs and potency, something that makes almost everyone suspicious.

Key Cast Mateo’s world It is also composed of Renato Quattordio, Luciano Casares, Toto Kirzner, Federico D’Elia, Malena Norwegian and Fabiana García Lago.

The series depicts several cases in which father and mother acted in a cause, in the face of the inertia of those who actually had to take charge. Did it resonate with you when you were approached for the project?

dopazo: It is overwhelming to imagine such a situation. I thought of references like mother of pain, and in Susannah Trimarco, Marita Verone’s mother, in terms of character and strength she always put in her struggle to reach the final results. and in search of that, The mother I play finds a perfect ally in Fernani’s character, which is needed to reach the truth due to other circumstances as well.

you see: What was most interesting to me, right from the first season, was the fact that Your son is accused of a crime and you’re not sure it wasn’t himAs with my character. This implies a responsibility as a parent that is questioned all the time. This is also disturbing. But, moreover, beyond the fact that his son can be declared innocent, the man wonders what is the truth behind everything and that’s where he comes in with the character of Cecilia. Crossing between them is very rare.

Something unexpected happens because of the drama unfolding in front of them, but what unites them in the end.

you see: Yes, of course, but sparks are also drawn. That relationship is very curious in that sense this season.

Recording of this second installment Had to be interrupted several times by the restrictions imposed by the pandemic, without any certainty of when it will be able to continue. In the end, it was possible to start again and draw conclusions.

Your experience as a parent

You have both teens and pre-teens, were you able to capitalize on your own experience for the story?

dopazo: When I was called for this character, although I liked the idea, I was very skeptical of it, because it is so dramatic that I was afraid to get there. And he didn’t know if he would be able to reach that depth, that level of pain. But luckily I agreed and I liked what I did. I finally had a good time. I think that I’ve never had to do something so dramatic. Plus, it seems to me that, from the moment you have kids, you become the most vulnerable being, because no matter how much you care for them, there are areas you don’t control or know what happens. , and it is not advisable to over-protect them.

you seeWhen I first read the book, it immediately reminded me that you’ve seen a boy’s mom or dad say: “I can’t have a son, he wasn’t“The sad state that reflects your responsibility as a father or mother, for your own pain and for the pain it may cause. The feeling”What did I do, what did I do wrong in doing this?“I found one of the most interesting points in history.

&Quot;El Mundo De Mateo&Quot;: The Series Premiered Its Second Season On Flow.

“El Mundo de Mateo”: The series premiered its second season on Flow.

Apart from the characters, how was the personal encounter between you two?

you see: It was curious, because in fiction we used to talk about each other’s children and when we bitten, too. We kept talking about our kids. It’s like time has passed… It’s not like we’re old, eh.

dopazo: But we are beautiful! We caught on, really. What happened behind the scenes was like a lighter version of our filming. The climate of the set was really divine.

you see : And there was no complicated scene, like dancing tango in balls, or anything like that.

The actor refers to a famous scene Brutal Tango: The Legend of Tanguito, released in 1993. At that time, Dopazzo and Miras, with a little over twenty years, There was an uproar over the film, where he narrated the story of composer Tanguito, one of the pioneers of national rock and his girlfriend, Mariana. the success of the film and His subsequent romance in real life made him a young star.

Fernán Miras And Cecilia Dopazzo In &Quot;Turquoise Tango&Quot; From Nearly 30 Years Ago.

Fernán Miras and Cecilia Dopazzo in “Turquoise Tango” from nearly 30 years ago.

time has passed The courtship is over and each continues their lives, but the affection remains And the film marked a milestone in national cinema with its chorus. “But love is strong“, which is still going on.

When the director, Marcelo Pinero, remade the film five years earlier, Dopazzo and Miras reunited. “When I saw myself in the movie, I said: I am my son! ! “, remembers the actor.”That’s what we all thought, we were too youngSays Cecilia.

The story that became such a hit in the history of cinema will have a special meaning for you.

you see: This is something that has changed our lives a lot. The shooting was very intense and it’s funny how people still want that film. It’s weird, but it’s good that it happens.

dopazoWhat happens with that movie is so strong that, Sometimes I feel like we did yesterday. Everyone remembers it and it has affected so many people as well as their own personal life. We are all in that sense as a community. It’s beautiful that he keeps on creating that equanimity.

you see: Those of us who made it love that movie, there was a certain mystery In the air, even before its release. It was very hard to go through this kind of experience when I was very young. And when you keep talking about it, it does us good.

dopazo: It occurred to me that people needed to tell me what happened with the film and I would find it trivial to refuse, because for me there is something in it that is connected to a very beautiful moment. Certainly had a great impact on everyone’s life.

you see: It really is. Now I remember that one day, in the recording of Mateo’s worldCecilia and I were in the elevator with someone from the technical department who, suddenly, looked at us and said: oh i can’t believe i’m with fierce tango in the elevator !”. we laughed a lot.