Home Entertainment TV presenter explodes and insults anti-vaccination opponents in full broadcast (video)

TV presenter explodes and insults anti-vaccination opponents in full broadcast (video)

Conductor explota contra antivacunas

MONTERREY. – There are many who have shown fed up with the corona pandemic but there are more who are fed up with people’s irresponsibility Individuals identified as anti-vaccination.

Evidence of this is a moderator by Telediario Guadalajara, which blew up in full transmission, insulting people who did not want to be vaccinated or wear face masks. The moment he vented his anger went viral.

Tv Presenter Explodes And Insults Anti-Vaccination Opponents In Full Broadcast (Video) - Light Home News

TV presenter insults opponents of vaccination in full broadcast

Through a Video The moment when, with great anger and courage, the presenter of a local news program appeared, spread on social networks in Guadalajara he could not contain his anger and attacked the anti-vaccination.

Similar, the moderator blamed them the increase in infections and the critical situation currently prevailing across the country.

“It’s important to me that they don’t infect me… You damn vaccine opponents ball of imb3″#$&, stop messing around and at least Put the damn mask on. Stop screwing up the world. Yes, you, anti-vaccination, are a vaccination “#$&. Put your face mask on,” said the moderator, showing his anger at this group of people.

His scolding was so unusual this went viral because although some netizens pointed out that he was honest and disclosed what many think, others criticized it use of offensive words to highlight the irresponsibility of some people who still don’t believe the coronavirus is real.

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