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TV Azteca actress condemns Andres Roemer for sexual abuse (video)

TV Azteca actress condemns Andres Roemer for sexual abuse (video)

Mexico City (EL Universal) .- Actress Mariana Penalva Condemned on his Facebook account that the author and driver Andres Roemer He sexually abused her in 2009, while her 4-year-old son was on the other side of the door of the room where the incident took place.

Penalva, who has participated in films such as “Arrancam La Vida” and telenovelas such as “Mirada de Mujer”, said via a video that she met Andres Roemer during an interview. Aztec TV.

Relate facts

From this meeting, the conductor invited him to a party, which was also attended by celebrities and celebrities from various fields.

“I liked him, he made me an intelligent, cultured and well-connected person. I told him about a project, I told him I needed financing, because after a sabotage, I told my investors Was lost. He told me that he could help me and maybe I could introduce myself to people, he asked me to come to his house to talk and see what could be done, “said the actress. Said, who has also worked in film production and direction.

Penalva reported that she had gone to Romer’s house in the Roma neighborhood with her son, who was 4 years old at the time. After visiting the house, they came to a room that looked like a library with bean bag chairs. He said, a woman came in there and took the child’s hand and took him out of the place.

The actress explained that the situation surprised her, but Roemer told her to calm down, that they would only take her to play so that they could talk better. Once she heard her son’s voice from the other side of the door, she said, she calmed down a bit. Standing alone, he sat on the chairs when Andrés Roemer jumped on him.

“I don’t even know what we were talking about when he threw himself at me. I’m not going to give more details. I was wearing a dress. I didn’t defend myself, I didn’t do anything Because no, no matter how much I said, to stop, I asked him please no, he didn’t understand what that was. My son was on one side of the door, he didn’t want him to shout at me. The most horrible thing. Is that he did not want to make noise because he did not want to hear his voice, what else was I worried about my son because he did not know that they would do anything with him, ”said the actress.

At the end of the sexual assault, Penalva said, Former ambassador He took off his pants and said: “I’m so sorry, I was so excited.”

“I felt like a used object. I felt that it was definitely my fault because maybe I sent a message that it wasn’t. I was going with my son when I was with my son What happens if the person thinks about sex? I was in shock. I woke up. All I wanted was for my son to get back, “the producer said. Penalva said he left home “in a zombie state”. “During all these years I never told anyone. I took all the blame,” he said.

The actress also revealed that after what happened, Roemer helped her with a project to make some capsules of a pilot program. “I was left with a feeling of disgust and gratitude,” he explained.

The actress shared her story after finding out the dozens of complaints lodged against the driver. “I wasn’t a lonely case, it didn’t happen to me as an asshole. It happened to me because this guy is sick. I’m sorry, Andres, but you’re sick. You can’t do this with women. I am asking this not to discredit you, but to help you. You cannot take women to your home, lock them up with their son on one side, as if you are kidnapping their son. Were while you were raping them, ”Penalva explained in tears.

Finally, Mariana Penalva said she is out of the country and, therefore, cannot go to the Attorney General’s office, but invited the victims to break the silence “because it helps heal wounds.”

Red tab

On May 12, Mexican authorities obtained a red card from Interpol to locate the whereabouts of Andrés Roemer, who was last seen in Israel, where he was captured by network users and possessed for the crime of rape There was an arrest warrant, as well as 8 investigative folders for him. Sexual offenses.

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