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Tunden José Joel, son of José José, immediately after interpreting his father’s music: “not even in karaoke do they sing so unpleasant”

José Joel, son of José José, has turn into a topic of discussion between people on social networksimmediately after it leaked a video clip in which the singer compensated a controversial tribute to his father this weekend. The eldest son of the Prince of Track was seriously criticized by songs followers and enthusiasts of his father, as they say “they destroy his father’s creations.”

Joseph Joel is the most popular son of the interpreter of ‘Volcano’ and ‘Gavilán or dove’so your statements or presentations most of the time give anything to talk about in social networks. And that was specifically what happened more than the weekend all through just one of her live shows in what seems to be a dance hall.

José José died on September 28, 2019 / Archive

José José died on September 28, 2019 / Archive

José José was in favor of the homosexual group they viralize video clip of how he defended them: “we are all various”

It was through the Twitter account @YoZhoy that a video was shared which is observed to José Joel providing a concert that unleashed attacks and criticism in direction of the actress’s son Anel Norenabecause some mentioned that has commissioned to “make a idiot of” the musical legacy that his father crafted for so several decades, getting regarded as just one of the biggest musicians of all time.

“José Joel supplying every little thing, it appears that instead of paying homage to his father, his aim is: MAKE HIM Ridiculous????… he was drunk or what” can be browse on the Twitter account @YoZhoy.

In the images you can see the son of the ‘Prince of Song’ singing a controversial version of ‘What was not will not be’one of his father’s biggest hits, but to the rhythm of salsa, which generated reviews, mainly disapproving of the presentation of Jose Joel. And it is that for quite a few, the famous did not sing so in tune.

“Anel set the choreography on it?” “Apart from NOT singing, he isn’t going to even know how to dance, he would under no circumstances spend to see a little something like that ??????????????? of someone else’s sorrow!” “This is critical?! Or is it a sketch for Derbez from time to time? “Not even in karaoke do they sing so ugly” These are just some of the feedback that the singer’s presentation unleashed.

In a for a longer time movie that was posted on tiktokJosé Joel will make fun of the minimal attendance for his presentation:

“We have a lot more cameras than the general public. What is heading on? No 1 wishes to know about my job, they just want to know what is actually with the household, definitely!” Said the singer.


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