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Tunden Chicharito Hernández after starring in a tremendous drama in the field (VIDEO)

  • Javier Hernández is criticized on social networks
  • El Chicharito starred in tremendous drama on the field
  • “Better to leave football and go to La Rosa de Guadalupe”

Chicharito Hernandez drama. One of the most beloved soccer players in Mexico, who has stood out in his professional career in the world of soccer, Javier Chicharito Hernández, gave something to talk about in recent days, after starring in a scene in the middle of an MLS match where he was harshly criticized.

They happened when the LA Galaxy, the team where he plays Forward Mexican, faced the Toronto FC team, a match which ended in a tie for team goals, when Javier made a whole drama on the field at the time of being touched by the rival team.

Chicharito Hernández makes a whole drama in the middle of the game

Chicharito Hernández makes a whole drama in the middle of the game

El Chicharito who has had problems off the field in recent weeks, because he was caught on camera ignoring a child when he approached him. Another situation was when he was giving away autographs and he threw the Mexican flag on the ground so as not to sign the flag.

Now, the Galaxy star has drawn attention for the way he exaggerated a moment when he was surrounded by three Toronto players, who were claiming an earlier play. One of the soccer players wanted to hold him by the arm; however, Javier Hernández dramatizes the moment and dropped.

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