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“True willpower”: Gym goes viral for selling Garnachas inside

Video of grenache in a gym (Photo: Screenshot)

If anything reminds a Grenache stall inside a gym is that Mexico is magical and it will never stop surprising for that surreal touch that distinguishes it. Proof of this is a video that showed that next to people exercising there is a snack stand.

The user @ juancarderon265 shared in his account TikTok recording a woman who has her post gorditas, quesadillas and sopes in a gym located in Paseo del Macho, Veracruz.

The peculiar images soon go viral and be shared on different Internet platforms.

As can be seen, it is a adapted gym in what appears to be the large patio of a house where there are several exercise equipment. Nevertheless, what stands out is not that it is someone’s garage, but that there is a little garnacha stand in there.

(Photo: Screenshot)
(Photo: Screenshot)

To demonstrate the contrast, the user he first recorded people doing their exercises routinely, accustomed to the position, as they do not show any surprise or annoyance. Later he recorded the lady of the garnachas who is working with his comal in the preparation of gorditas.

As expected, users commented on their impressions of the extravagant combination of a gym with a snack stand. Usually those who exercise watch their diet and, even if they indulge in something fatty and full of calories, they will not eat it inside their gym, much while they exercise.

“True Willpower”; “I love my Mexico, greetings to that lady who has all the attitude!!!”; “excellent gym and food service to recover strength when leaving, so if I dare” and “what elegance from France”, were some of the comments from users.

At the time of publication of this note, TikTok has more than 6.4 million views and thousands of comments. It should be noted that due to the nature of the video, it was re-uploaded by other users on platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, so in total it must reach a minimum of 9 million views.

What is the origin of the word “garnacha”

The word grenache It is mainly associated with the mexican fast food. The one served in street stalls that supply fast food prepared in almost any corner of the country. Greasy tortillas, meat cooking in its juices and that of previous pieces with burning chives, sauces with all kinds of particles in the air placed around the plastic plates with food scraps and used napkins.

They supplement the balanced diet with a prompt one in the small intervals available to citizens who are in offices, construction sites and now even gyms.

The Real academy of the Spanish language defines it as “thick omelette with chili sauce and other ingredients”, at least in the case of Mexico. Since this word comes from occitanRomance language spoken in the south of France, Spain and Italy, “ganache” either “grenache” which refers to a kind of talar garment (which reaches the heels) “used by the togados, with sleeves” that reached the forearms “and a large overcollar, which falls from the shoulders to the back”.


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