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Troian Bellisario explores ‘Doula’ in Chris Pine-produced comedy: Watch trailer (exclusive)

Troian Bellisario explores 'Doula' in Chris Pine-produced comedy: Watch trailer (exclusive)

Pine also stars as Bellisario's doctor in the upcoming indie.

Troian Bellisario is about to endure an unconventional pregnancy journey Midwife, pretty Little Liars The alum stars in the Chris Pine-produced indie comedy, and only ET exclusively premieres the film’s official trailer, available digitally on June 28.

Midwife Deb (Bellisario) and Silvio (Aaron Shiver, who also wrote the film) as they are pregnant with their first child. When their elderly babysitter, Penca, suddenly dies, Silvio makes a hasty decision to hire Penca’s son, Sasha (Will Greenberg), as their live-in doula. Deb is deeply troubled by the idea, as Silvio fails to consult her before making a decision, but soon, Sasha’s unorthodox style wins her over. As Deb and Sasha draw closer, and the pregnancy nears its inevitable conclusion, Silvio begins to feel like the strange man—leading to a climactic moment where Deb has to choose between him and Sasha. is forced to.

Pine, who produced the film through his company Barry Linen Motion Pictures, plays Deb’s doctor in a supporting role, while the ensemble cast is rounded out by Amanda Walsh, Ellie Maki, Alice Levesque, Alex McKenna and Robert Baker. has done. Cheryl Nichols directs.

In ET’s exclusive trailer, Deb and Silvio don’t quite get off on the right foot with Sasha. And even his friends don’t seem to get high on the idea of ​​a male doula. “What? It’s the 21st century for Christ. Men can’t be doulas?” Deb asks, bringing up a good point.

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Later, when Sasha accompanies Deb to check out the hospital (where we get a glimpse of Pine in his doctor’s coat), Deb asks what would happen if she gave birth in the hospital. “The moment you don’t need me, I’ll disappear,” he promises. During that hospital visit, Deb learns she’s having a boy – in a rather NSFW way.

And as time goes on, Deb comes to accept Sasha’s unique approach to life and vice versa. “Every birth story is different and it’s our job to keep it as safe as possible,” says Sasha, as he longs to watch a carefree Deb dance out the window.

“make Midwife It was a dream come true,” Paine said. “It’s directed by one of our best friends, written by one of our best friends, with a group of our best friends. It was a lot of fun making this film and we hope the audience will watch it when they watch it.

Producer Ian Gottler said, “The moment we read Aaron’s script, we knew we had something special.” “Troian, Aaron, Will and the entire cast have done an amazing job bringing both humor and heart to the theme of modern pregnancy.”

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Midwife Available on Tuesday, June 28, digitally and on demand.

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