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Westworld brings back James Marsden, gives Evan Rachel Wood a new character

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Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) and Teddy (James Marsden) in Westworld.

image, HBO

HBO done by There has been no shortage of shakeup casting during its first three seasons. While some of its original cast is still received, such as Evan Rachel Wood, Thandive Newton, and Jeffrey Wright, most of its characters in the first two seasons are gone after the show left Titanic Park. Surprisingly, OG is making a return for one of the cast season four,

During the ATX Festival over the weekend, series co-creator Lisa Joy revealed that James Marsden Joy and Wright will be making their comebacks, surprising everyone on the show’s panel by appearing alongside Wood and Luke Hemsworth (Ashley Stubbs) among other cast members. “Sometimes you have to go far to come back,” Marsden joked. In the first two seasons, he played the park cowboy Teddy Flood, who was deeply in love with Dolores (Wood), before taking his own life after witnessing her murder theme park guests. After being away from the series for so long, he’s excited to be back and re-lived in this science-fiction world. He added, “It’s an amazing thing to be a part of and see where the story goes.” “From the beginning, I didn’t know where it was all going to go, but now I’m happy to see it.”

With the show now in the real world, Marsden will currently play an unnamed character who serves as a love interest for Wood’s new character, Christina. Dolores died during last season’s finale, but Joy loved working with Wood so much that she knew she wanted to keep the actor around. She and co-creator Jonathan Nolan informed the ending of Wood of Dolores during the making of season three, and the three discussed what it meant for the actor to move on. With the promise that she would return, Wood recalled the conversation, saying, “‘You look like Evan Rachel Wood’, but I am not me.”

We got a brief glimpse of Christina at the end of the first trailer for season four in May. Wood described her as “a normal woman living in a big city trying to make it as a writer.” She also said that “nothing ever happens to her”. [Christina]”which means there’s some bullshit Absolutely About to go down for him. How Christina will hook up with the rest of the show’s cast is in the dark at the moment, but there’s no doubt it will drag Marsden’s new hunk into the orbit of his misadventures. And it’s assuming Christina is as new as she’s said to be. with how many done by Likes to try to outshine his audience, this character could easily make Dolores a tall con.

of westworld The fourth season will premiere on HBO and HBO Max on June 26. Check out the creepy new flagship art below.

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