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[VIDEO] Archie Battersbee video and photos go viral on social media

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The 12-year-old British boy archie batterbeewho had been hospitalized for four months in a state of brain death, died this Saturday after being disconnected in a London hospital, ending a long legal battle waged by his parents against the health system.

“Archie passed away at 12:15 today” (8:15 in Argentina), his mother, Hollie Dance, reported on television, who maintained that the boy “fought until the end” and declared himself “proud to be his mother.” the news agency said. AFP News.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, where he describes his day-to-day in the hospital, he guarantees that he did everything he could and that all his effort was out of love. “Whatever happens, I think I’m going to listen to those machines for the rest of my life,” she emphasized. The family was told the boy’s life support machines would be turned off this Saturday morning and they spent the last night with his son in hospital. Speaking to Sky News, she further stated that the hospital “made it very clear that there were no other options”. “I did everything I promised my son I would do,” she added.

After knowing the last appeal filed before the Court of Appeal, in relation to the decision of the English Supreme Court not to allow the transfer of little Archie to a palliative care unit, to “spend the last moments with the family”, the parents of The British boy – who has been in a deep coma and brain dead since April – did not give up and made a new appeal, this time before the European Court of Human Rights, which was also denied.

Archie was found unconscious in April with signs of a ligature around his neck, likely as part of a viral online challenge.

The British court authorized the hospital in mid-July to end his life support, which included mechanical ventilation in combination with medication.

The doctors argued that his case was hopeless, thus justifying that decision.

But his parents, Hollie Dance and Paul Battersbee, supported by a Christian organization, multiplied the judicial resources.

The hospital “was very clear” that “there is no other option” and that medical procedures would be interrupted on Saturday at 10:00 (6:00 in Argentina).

“It was very hard. I’m devastated. I have done everything that I promised my son,” added the woman.

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