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Valeria dies, the ‘princess’ of Tamara Gorro

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The former soccer player and the model published messages with great sadness for the death of Valeria, 9 years old.

In the last hours, Ezequiel Garay and Tamara Gorro moved everyone. Both publish it on their social networks as emotional farewells for the death of Valeria, the 9-year-old girl who suffered from cancer, whom they called “princess” and “the girl with the eternal smile.” She is the daughter of a couple of her friends and they considered her her niece.

Who was Valerie?

She was 9 years old and was the daughter of a couple who was friends with Tamara Gorro and Ezequiel Garay. The girl had cancer and, many times, the influencer told what her condition was after announcing the little girl’s situation. Both shared a touching video.

Tamara Gorro’s farewell
After Valeria’s death, the model, who has more than two million followers, communicated the bad news and left a heartbreaking message.

“My princess… My girl with the eternal smile… A lifetime together, but five inseparable years. A balance where there was suffering, but without a doubt strength, energy, desire and love were gained… ”, she began.

And he continued his painful story: “You are gone my life, you are gone forever. But show the world that you can’t stop fighting, and always do it with a smile. You are an example of admiration. My princess, you do not know the emptiness you leave me, you cannot imagine how much you have helped, taught and motivated me. Even our farewell has been special and unique.

Sadness invades me and my heart breaks, I didn’t want this ending and I know you don’t either, there were many things left to do together. But I swear to you that I will do them, I have promised you and so it will be”.

Tamara concluded her farewell with great affection: “Fly high, darling. Wherever you go you will continue to shine, because you are light. I will keep you in mind every day of my life. I feel in the soul for not having been able to do more to help you and heal you, I’m sorry. I LOVE YOU AND I WILL NEVER FORGET YOU. Your Aunt Tamara”.

The former soccer player was more concise, but no less concise and affectionate when saying goodbye to little Valeria.

“I will never forget you my princess. FLY HIGH,” she wrote alongside a black and white photo.

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