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Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Morbius returns to the theater and flops, as it should

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Jared Leto as the vampire form of Morbius in the film of the same name.

image, Sony Pictures/Marvel

Sony and Marvel’s morbius The past few weeks have become an internet meme, and for the most part, they are hilarious. Seeing this, Sony came to this conclusion to reissue Jared Leto Film this weekend in hopes that all the internet will goof up translate to big box office race, And if you were one of those people who wondered if the joke went too far and we would consider ourselves ironic Morbius 2, SomehowLet this serve as good news to allay your fears.

To be quite clear about it: Film Bombing Tough Its first day in cinemas. According to Forbes’ Scott Mendelson, Morbius’ Friday’s returns came in at just $85,000, bringing home take home total of $73.6 million. As of the writing of the news, Saturday’s earnings have not been disclosed, but the prospects are not in its favour. all those jokes were only about the idea of morbius instead of the movie, something that Sony learned the hard way. their Attempts to join in on the joke didn’t just backfire, it exploded in such a way that even Michael Bay found himself infatuated with the sheer, stupid spectacle of it all.

talk about morbius And its rise as a meme is that it all came to a halt because no one had much faith in the film. We all actively know that Sony is basically throwing darts at a wall to figure out what people want to see with the supporting cast of Spider-Man, a roster that’s basically Kneeled off the jump as they inevitably have to brush shoulders or concede the teenage webhead in question. Tom Hardy poison Movies Enough is going on to make you temporarily forget that he might ever try to eat Tom Holland’s Spidey, but that’s only because comics Has spent years giving the character its strange, cryptic mythology in hopes of giving future films enough material to avoid making a deal with Holland’s agent., During this, other characters like Morbius, kravenAnd madam webb The source material does not yet provide a real, consistent opportunity to distance itself from the wonderful arachnid.

yes sony has great luck poison And Miles Morales’ spider verse movies, but both of those characters were already strong, To begin with, the built-in fanbase, to say nothing of what each of their respective films is set to achieve. spider verse The films have a unique animation style and a genuine honesty that is almost to shame all the other superhero stuff, and poison Tom Hardy talking to himself and being beaten by a dormant eraaggressive gOh monster. morbius Neither is, nor has it been able to make the most of its lead actor being a musician. say whatever you want poison, at least it managed to summon One cute song to play On ending titles that get over you later Spotify has been around for longer than you’d like to admit.

RIP in Morbius, morbius, You die while you live, as a joke that realized too late that you yourself were the punchline.

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