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Travis Scott’s offer to pay funeral expenses for 9-year-old Astroworld victim refused by boy’s family

Travis Scott's offer to pay funeral expenses for 9-year-old Astroworld victim refused by boy's family

Travis Scott’s legal team have received a letter rejecting the rapper’s offer to pay for the funeral of 9-year-old Ezra Blount, the youngest of Astroworld’s 10 victims.

The family of Ezra Blount, the 9-year-old who was killed from injuries sustained at the Astroworld concert on November 5, dismissed Travis Scottoffers to pay for the young boy’s funeral. In a letter obtained by Rolling stone November 29, Blount family lawyer Bob hilliard told Travis’ legal team, “Your client’s offer has been declined. I have no doubt that Mr. Scott has remorse. His coming journey will be painful. He has to face and hopefully see that he bears some of the responsibility for this tragedy. Ezra was the youngest of ten victims of the Astroworld tragedy, which resulted in a dangerous wave of crowds as Travis, 30, performed on stage at NRG Park in Houston, Texas, in front of about 50,000 people.

Travis Scott
Travis Scott performs at Astroworld on November 5, 2021 (Photo: Shutterstock)

Travis’s initial offer to cover Ezra’s funeral costs came from his lawyer Daniel Petrocelli. It was sent by letter to Bob Hilliard and Ben crump, who represent the Blount family, on November 24 – the day after Ezra was laid to rest at a funeral in Texas, Rolling stone reported. Daniel’s letter read: “Travis is devastated by the tragedy at the Astroworld festival and mourns the families whose loved ones have died or been injured. Travis is committed to doing his part to help families who have suffered and begin the long process of healing in the Houston community. To that end, Travis would like to pay the funeral expenses for Mr. Blount’s son.

Ezra was seated on his father’s shoulders, Treston blount, when he was stepped on during the concert. He died on November 14, after being placed in a medically induced coma from his injuries, according to The New York Post. Ezra was the tenth person to come out of the incident. The other nine victims were John hilgert, 14, Brianna rodriguez, 16, Jacob Jurinek, 20, Franco Patin, 21, Axel acosta, 21, Rodolfo ‘Rudy’ Peña, 23, Madison Dubiski, 23, Danish Baig, 27 and Bharti Shahani, 22.

Astroworld after the incident on November 5 in Houston, Texas (Photo: Shutterstock)

Currently, Travis faces approximately 120 lawsuits over $ 3 billion due to the Astroworld incident. Live Nation, ScoreMore and Cactus Jack Records have also been named in some of the lawsuits, as have Duck, who was featured as a special guest at the concert. The day after the incident, Travis posted a statement and video on social media that revealed his shock and “devastation” at the tragedy.

“I am absolutely devastated by what happened last night,” he said. “My prayers go out to the families of all those who have been touched by what happened at the Astroworld Festival. Houston PD has my full support as they continue to reflect on the tragic loss of human life. I am committed to working with the Houston community to care for and support families in need.

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