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Travel to Merida to see its debut and be in the new Batgirl

Travel to Merida to see its debut and be in the new Batgirl

Leslie Grace, Latin singer born in the Bronx (New York), will be in charge of impersonation Barbara Gordon / Batgirl About the character in the film DC Studios and Warner Bros.. for HBO Max.

After his film debut with the music “In the Heights (In the Neighborhood)”Leslie Grace looked like one of Batgirl’s candidates; a role for which they had to compete side-by-side Isabella Merced, Zoey Dutch and Haley Lou Richardson, as you remember sensation.

The singer finally got the role for the project directed Adil El Arabi and Bilal Falahi, hyphenated by Christina Hodsonmo, same author behind “birds of prey”, starring Margot Robbie.

according to information nuclearDC Film Division President Walter Hamada announced that the two films in which Batgirl would appear would have a lower budget than the other films in this universe, and would serve as a test to see how they fared. can. .

Leslie is a young lady from Grace 26 years, who started his career bachata style and have recently ventured urban style. She was also one of the first Latinos K-Pop. mix your rhythm in the world of next to the veterans group of Super Junior with subject “I’m sorry”.

Leslie Grace and Her Beginnings with a Journey to the Yucatani

On 2016, launched next to Maluma the itemto the wind” and with them on a tour of Mexico, to open and share their show in Mérida Yucatan newspaper Some of his achievements in his first steps as an artist, a career that started at the age of 17.

“I was scared because Tropical and bachata style was male dominated. Especially in the Dominican Republic (where his parents are). but then i realized that I got a chance to inspire other girls to sing bachata”, then he added Yucatan newspaper Leslie, who was just nominated in the category Tropical Artist of the Year on Latin Billboard.

Travel To Merida To See Its Debut And Be In The New Batgirl - Light Home News
PDF image with interview of Leslie Grace for the Diario de Yucatán in 2016, when she visited the unit to appear with Maluma at the GNP Forum, formerly the Yucatán Coliseum. file image

Although Leslie did not receive the medal on that occasion, she would later be recognized with it. three grammy nominations. five years later, after making his way into male-dominated music, he gets ready to slip into costume of a superheroine To show that even in the world of comics women stomp.

On butgirl, fans will remember that the identity behind the heroine of Gotham is Barbara Gordon Police Commissioner Jim Gordon’s daughter, one of the most recurring characters in Batman. superheroine did His first appearance in 1961 Betty was also in the Batman series with Kane’s alter ego and during the third season.

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