Trailer and official release date of He-Man, Masters of the Universe: Revelation

In mid-May, Netflix presented the first images of Masters of the Universe: Revelation and now the streaming company showed the official trailer and the premiere date of the animated series.

In just over 1:20 minutes, we can see our favorite characters.

Skeletor challenges He-Man in the trailer and they show several action scenes, in addition, the executive production is in charge of Kevin smith and “all the power of Grayskull“.

“40 years later they take power again (…) comes this epic story that takes up the events of the 80s series,” Netflix said in its statement.

When will He-Man, Masters of the Universe: Revelation premiere? The new animated series, according to Netflix, will arrive on the platform on July 23, so there is little more than a month to enjoy this classic animated series.

Here we leave you the official trailer of Masters of the Universe: Revelation.

In its English version, the actor Chris wood (Supergilr, The Vampire Diaries) is in charge of giving the voice to He-Man, while Mark Hamill (Star Wars, The Mandalorian) to Skeletor.

The series will also feature the participation of other celebrities such as Diedrich Bader (BoJack Horseman), Kevin Conroy (Batman), Lena Headey (300, Game of Thrones) and Alicia silverstone (Clueless), among others.

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