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Tori Spelling takes kids on NYE vacation while Dean McDermott stays home with pneumonia

Tori Spelling

Amid divorce rumors, Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott spent their New Years Eve separately. As Tori took their children on a getaway, Dean was home sick in bed.

Adding fuel to rumors of an impending divorce, Tori spelling, 48, and Dean McDermott, 55, spent their New Years Eve apart. the Beverly Hills 90210 alum took to her Instagram account to reveal that she gave the couple’s five children a vacation to Lake Arrowhead. On his own Instagram, Dean announced that he was sick in bed at home with a terrible case of pneumonia.

Along with an adorable snapshot of Tori, Stella, 13, hat, ten, Finnish, 9, and Beautiful, 4, standing in front of a Christmas, the proud mom wrote: “The kids and I were so excited to continue our family tradition since my oldest were babies. My parents brought my brother and I here growing up. I wanted my children to carry on this tradition. I can’t wait for my kids to bring their kids here someday! Tori then gave credit to her eldest child, her son Liam, 14, for taking the picture.

Meanwhile, looking like he was in the bad weather, Dean shared a video of himself in bed, letting his fans know he was “sick as a dog” with pneumonia. “But I’m not going to let that dampen my spirits,” he added. “2020 is going to be awesome.” He captioned the short clip: “I hope your 2022 is full of love, light and prosperity. Much love to you all. “

While Dean seems to have a good reason why he wasn’t on a family trip, the news still doesn’t bode well for divorce speculation. It also didn’t help that the actor was completely absent from the family’s Christmas card, which Tori shared on her Instagram page on November 22.

Amid the rumors, a source EXCLUSIVELY said HollywoodLife that the couple – who married in May 2006 – do not yet “officially intend to file for a divorce, but they are also not intimate and have not been for some time.” The source also added that she wanted to “keep things as sweet as possible” for the sake of the children. “They both know they need co-parenting and right now they are. Dean is very involved with the kids and does things like taking them to school and activities almost every day and especially when Tori is heavily focused on his career he is even more present.

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