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Tori Spelling and the 5 kids pose for a husbandless Dean McDermott Christmas card

Tori Seplling

Dean McDermott was visibly absent from his family’s 2021 Christmas card, as rumors continue to circulate that he and Tori Spelling are ending their 15-year marriage.

Tori spelling and Dean mcdermott were not a couple united in their family Christmas card this year. In fact, Dean, 55, was not present at all for the photo, which Tori, 48, shared on her Instagram page on Monday, November 22. The snapshot presents the Beverly Hills, 90210 star and her five children posing with several farm animals, including a pig and a rooster that Tori was holding in her arms. Below the image, the card reads: “Happy Holidays. With love, from our farm to your home. Xoxox, Tori and the family.

Dean’s absence from the holiday photo certainly indicates that these divorce rumors may be true. Tori hasn’t posted any photos of Dean to her social media account for months, and the two haven’t been pictured together in weeks either. Tori was, however, torn from her home moving boxes on November 4. In recent weeks, she has also been seen in the office of a lawyer holding a notepad outside.

On October 28, a source said HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that “Tori and Dean are done”. Our source added: “Dean has realized that he’s happier to be a single dad than in a marriage he’s unhappy in. Either way, right now they’re not all happening. just not getting along. ” The source also shared that the last time Dean left, Tori really reveled in the time she had on her own. “She even took the kids on vacation alone without him and was starting to realize that she could handle it and didn’t need to be there as a partner with him.”

Tori Seplling
Tori Seplling and Dean McDermott with their children (Photo: Stewart Cook / Shutterstock)

Amid rumors of an ongoing split, Tori declined to discuss the state of her marriage when the host asked Whitney cummings to The Wendy Williams Show October 26. “You know I’m not going to answer that,” Tori answered bluntly. Meanwhile, Dean overturned rumors of breakup on a podcast in September. “It’s just weird that people need to know,” Dean continued. “What’s going on with Tori and Dean?” She’s not wearing her ring. Why do you need to know this? How will this affect your day? “

Tori and Dean married in May 2006. Seven years after their marriage, Dean cheated on Tori, and the fallout from the infidelity scandal was chronicled in Tori’s 2014 reality TV series, True Tori.

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