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Toño Mauri reveals the painful loss he had of a son with his wife Carla Alemán

  • Toño Mauri has been married to Carla Alemán for more than 30 years
  • Both have lost their baby
  • Mauri revealed that he had a ‘malformation’

Toño Mauri painful loss: The Mexican actor Toño Mauri revealed one of the most difficult situations he went through with his wife Carla Alemán. The marriage has been together for more than 30 years and that is why they have become one of the most stable couples on the show.

The actor from El Privilegio de Amar has become an inspiring example for some after surviving a strong covid-19 infection in 2020 that forced him to undergo a double lung transplant. And for the great support that his wife gave him in this process.

Tony confesses

Tony confesses

The producer was also interviewed on the show “The minute that changed my destiny” on Saturday, September 3, and there he relived the hard times he lived with his wife to be able to have a family. After several failed attempts to get pregnant, both underwent medical tests to find out what was preventing them from getting pregnant.

It was then that the doctors detected an anomaly in the artist after a spermatobioscopy. What caused him and his wife to panic because they did not know for sure what that condition was. Luckily, the doctors explained to them what he had. FILED FROM: Toño Mauri painful loss

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