Toño Mauri lucha contra otro problema de salud

After the actor Toño Mauri suffered severe penalties after catching Covid and underwent a double lung transplant, now the well-known struggle one other well being downside.

Greater than 5 months after leaving a hospital in Miami, Toño Mauri revealed that they discovered a micro organism in his lung and abdomen so he’s now in therapy.

They detect a bacterium to Toño Mauri

In an interview for this system “Sale el Sol”; Toño indicated that he continues in opinions. Nonetheless, it was shocking to disclose that it was detected by a bacterium within the lung and abdomen.

“That lung bacteria, the doctors explained to me that we all have it, but in many people these bacteria never developed in that way, and in other people yes, “added Toño.

The additionally producer revealed that he already had that micro organism earlier than his double transplant, however now that his defenses are down he took power.

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Toño Mauri’s life will not be in danger

“In my case, I had that micro organism earlier than the transplant, that’s, it was energetic earlier than the transplant and now it has come out once more as a result of my defenses went down once more and the micro organism gained power “

Within the video Mauri identified that luckily his life will not be in danger since each micro organism have been detected in time so it’s already underneath therapy, reproduced Vox Populi Noticias.

Toño Mauri will obtain third vaccine in opposition to Covid

“The benefit is that clearly when detecting it and understanding what it’s, then the medical doctors are monitoring her. (The abdomen) that we already management, which is the benefit, I now not have a fever, I had a really dangerous diarrhea that went away, so we struggle that micro organism “

Within the interview Toño identified that he should obtain a 3rd dose of the Covid-19 vaccine.

“I proceed with the restoration, taking excellent care of myself as a result of certainly this problem of the rebound that the pandemic has had impacts us all generally, I’m vaccinated and now they’ve simply instructed me that I’ve to get a 3rd vaccine, to strengthen my immune system“Stated Toño Mauri.

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