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Toñita regrets, she did not want to threaten Myriam Montemayor

MEXICO CITY.— The dispute between Tonita and Myriam Montemayor It seems that it would be coming to an end, because the native of Veracruz retracted and assured that she is “very joking”, for which she pointed out that the threats launched against his former classmate from the first generation of The Academy, they were not true.

Toñita regrets, she did not want to threaten Myriam Montemayor

The so-called ‘Negra de Oro’ in a recent interview indicated that the threat of physically assaulting Myriam it was a joke”. Likewise, the singer affirmed that she, for her part, has already left in the past the problems that she had with the godmother of the generation of The Academy 2022.

“Me I am very jokerif you realize, always I’m saying things at stake and (at that time) they asked me ‘hey, what happened to your partner (Myriam Montemayor)’ and I ‘when I see her I’m going to fuck her up#$*?’, so I said. So, in what they were asking me, I already said: I ‘oh no, the truth I would not do it‘”, detailed the Veracruz.

Tonita He also wanted to clarify that if he talks about Myriam Montemayor it is because the press asks him and it makes him “very rude” not to answer.

The interpreter of “Later don’t complain” indicated that she hopes that the Monterrey woman stop this lawsuit, because he considers it to be a “weary” issue.

“It’s a little exhausting, because they just grab me in my five minutes of depression or in my five minutes of anxiety, and they make damage. So if she could stop this, it would be great, because she can do it, ”said the singer.

The veracruzana concluded that “she has already passed the page” and that she prefers to dedicate herself to her career.

Why did Toñita and Myriam Montemayor fight?

Perhaps some are unaware that the dispute between the former participants of The Academy began in 2019, when Tonita called “hypocrite” and “tantrum” to Myriam Montemayor. From that moment on, the singers have launched several hints that have made their enmity and estrangement greater.

“If something bothers me in this life is hypocritical people, Turn your rampage down now, because if you don’t shut up, then mine is going to say all the things you’ve done and they’re not pretty at all and you know it. I tag you so you can see that I don’t play, double face @myriammontecruz”, Toñita wrote on Twitter.

Reference from yucatan

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