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tonight, with strong stories, the rematches begin

sing with me nowhosted by Marcelo Tinelli, is the television show that won the night of the Argentines, practically since the first throat vibrated with the first musical note, on July 25 passed through the screen of eltrece. Now, four weeks after its premiere, it will start Rematchbetween the hours of 22.30 to 24.

We must recognize Marcelo Tinelli his tremendous nose for successful formats. And although in this case the package is imported from Great Britain, Bolívar’s prodigal son did it again. After more than three decades bustling screens on local TV, he moves like a fish in water in a contest where the participants must take an exam before a jury of 100 experts in the field.

But the rating does not lie: sing with me now not only does it turn on the televisions, but it is also a program thate ignites emotions, feelings and sensations in bulk. And it is possibly here, in truth, where the secret of its success lies.

Marcelo Tinelli turned "Sing with me Now" with La Revancha.

Marcelo Tinelli turned “Sing with me Now” with La Revancha.

The other point to note is the great artistic level of the new contestants. So much so that on several nights it was quite difficult for the jury not to get up from their seats like a spring before each performance.

What to do with so many talents

That is why today, Monday, August 15, and tomorrow, Tuesday, August 16, we will attend what the producers of LaFlia (Marcelo’s production company) have called Rematcheither what in other times was known as “repechaje”. It is the mechanism by which they are going to give a second chance to singers who broke it at the first gala, but whose archery shot hit the post.

And these same producers, led by Tinelli himself along with the inseparable Chato Prada and Fede Hoppe recognize that the jury is going to have a very difficult time deciding who stays and who goes.

Sunny, on Sing With Me Now.  The young woman returns to the contest for revenge.  TV Capture

Sunny, on Sing With Me Now. The young woman returns to the contest for revenge. TV Capture

Today we will meet again with Trish (Trinidad Potes, 20 years old), Wanda (Wanda Original, 23), Luciano Yael (28), Camila Meza (23), Gaston Bellero (45) and Tiffy Arzouyan (19). Tuesday will be the time for Magalén Martínez (18), Florencia Álvarez (27), Sunny (26), Agustín Castro (30 years old), Ornella Ferraro (33), Agustina Giovio (22). Who else who less all of them have a personal life story.

Y these stories are the core, the real heart of the show. But let’s see how they are and where they come from some of the gladiators who return to the ring in Rematch of these two nights, let’s get to know some of those stories.

personal stories

Camila Meza goes for her revenge in "Sing with me now".

Camila Meza goes for her revenge in “Sing with me now”.

Camila Meza is from Engineer Budge and surprised with a huge attitude, which had its explanation by commenting that for a year he has been working as a prison guard in Unit 58 of Lomas de Zamora. “I found out about the casting through Sebastián Mellino’s academy. I applied but I didn’t have much faith. I didn’t feel prepared, but I went because my family and my colleagues in the Unit asked me to.”

“When I had to audition, I lost my voice and said, ‘Okay, that’s it.’ But they said that there were no problems and that it was the following week. I went and since I was very nervous I thought it had gone very badly, but after a month they called me for the second instance and told me that I had stayed, “she says.

“As an experience it was something incredible, I stood there with great confidence because the jury received me with great love. They are giants.” Camila sang the song mobster in the second program, but the score was not enough to stay on the podium.

Tiffy Arzouyan He is from Quilmes and studies a degree in dramatic art. She showed up two weeks ago singing the theme Hears of Beyoncé and got 84 jurors to stand up instantly.

“I was lying down at home with my mom and they called me to Rematch. They told me: “You have to come in two days!” She was very shocking and I couldn’t believe it because there are so many singers on the show who sing so well.”

Tiffy had two operations to correct scoliosis and arrived accompanied by her mother, who was the one who transmitted her love for music and singing.

“I come from a family where we always had financial problems, but my mother encouraged me to present myself in all the castings that there were, and well I studied with scholarships and half scholarships at Mellino’s and at the Valeria Lynch Academy. My dream is to succeed with music, make a career and travel the world, and this program is a giant door, that I am not yet dimensioning”.

By 5 points Tiffy could not enter the podium. L-Ghent highlighted his great attitude. Cristian castro He told her: “Simply glorious.” And the Puma Rodriguez: “From 1 to 10… 11 points!”.

From the town of Monte Cristo, Córdoba, he came to the contest Florence Alvarez, a 27 year old blind girl who was accompanied by her partner Lucas, who is also blind. They met singing in the pedestrian street of Córdoba Capital.

Marcelo Tinelli with Lucas Belbruno and Florecia Álvarez, in "Sing With Me Now".

Marcelo Tinelli with Lucas Belbruno and Florecia Álvarez, in “Sing With Me Now”.

“I couldn’t get a job and that was the way I found to make a living. I do shows in bars and I teach Braille Musicography (a reading-writing system for blind musicians created in France in 1829),” he says.

“The first audition was with all the nerves and stress of not being able to see how many people from the jury were standing up, or knowing what was happening. But when Marce told me the score, I couldn’t believe it. We have been a couple with Lucas for two years, both with the same dream. I’m five months pregnant and yesterday we found out that it’s going to be a boy, it’s going to be called Ian Lucas, “he lights up.

“Going back to the Córdoba pedestrian street after this, feeling the reaction of the people, is something beautiful. Knowing that you have the support of your city and of so many people that you did not know. I hope that I can continue in the program, but already being in Rematch it’s a lot”.

The one that arrived with Pappo

Magalen Martinez She went with her mom, her sister, and her boyfriend. She auditioned with a Pappo song (distrust) and with Never Tear Us Apart of INXS.

“More than a month passed and I thought they weren’t going to call me anymore. In that I lose my phone and luckily I saw the email they sent me, because I never open it. I have a singing workshop for beginners, I was getting ready to go and they call me, unknown number from Buenos Aires. When they told me that I had been selected, I screamed and started to cry uncontrollably, “she recalls.

“My family always trusted me, but we saw everything very far away. We are from a very humble family, we live in a very humble house in Tafí Viejo, in Tucuman. I never thought to be in a place like this, traveling by plane for the first time, everything has been crazy, a dream. The day of the recording was the birthday of my dear uncle, who passed away recently. And that gave me strength too.”

Magalen sang The Forked (Memphis the blouse) in a very original version.

“Since the lyrics were a bit sexist, I decided to change it to tell it from a woman’s perspective.” Magalén received a score of 89 and climbed to the podium. But she had to share the score with Sammy Álvarez: “Then I didn’t know what was going to happen. It was his turn first and I didn’t pass, but he deserved it. now he touches me Rematch. We all deserve it, it’s full of beautiful singers there.”

One of the most exciting stories is that of ornella laferraro (30 years). “They named me Ornella after (actress) Ornella Mutti, I’m a streamer on Bigo Live. I come from a family of artists, my mother was a well-known vedette and singer at the time of her, Cielito O’Neil “.

Ornella Laferraro and her peculiar life story in "Sing with me Now".

Ornella Laferraro and her peculiar life story in “Sing with me Now”.

About her personal story, Ornella says: “I am six months old, and in the room there were eleven premature babies, but of the eleven the only survivor was me. Also in the middle of recovery my incubator caught fire and my mom arrived just in time to save me from the fire. And lastly before I recover and get discharged tI had three cardiac arrests. And God saved me again.”

“I feel that God always gave me second chances. God also gave my mom a second chance and thanks to that I am in this beautiful life singing on stage as she did,” she gets excited.

What Ornella is referring to when she talks about her mother is a tragic incident that Cielito starred in Mar del Plata on February 19, 1980.

She was the woman who the comedian Alberto Locatti threw out a window from the third floor of the Hotel Odeón. Ornella’s mother fell on her back on a table where several bags were deposited, and despite several broken ribs, cuts and bruises, the doctors at the Mar del Plata Interzonal Hospital managed to save her life.

Ornella continues: “At that moment Clarion supported the victim who was my mother, so I am infinitely grateful to them for that, and to all those who supported me with this beautiful meeting with channel 13 and with the production of this program”.

“I sincerely believe that Marcelo Tinelli has a new opportunity. When everyone criticized him, he brought a renewed format to excite us all. And that is what true artists do. They excite,” he concludes.


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