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Tommy Dorfman of “13 Reasons Why” Announces She’s a Transgender Woman

Tommy Dorfman of

Tommy Dorfman, that . is made of ryan shaver in the series13 Reasons Why, said that she is a woman, and she did so in an interview to the magazine Time. “I’ve been making my mark for some time and living as a trans woman Alone”. From his Instagram account he uploaded a publication with his statements.

“Today I am happy to introduce myself as the woman”, deployment of. And she was grateful to all the trans people in the world who dared to break barriers and glass ceilings, sometimes even risking their lives to show themselves. Live, celebrate who I am and occupy a place in this world,” she wrote, clearly shaken.

i’m not going to change my nameI am named after my mother’s brother, who died a month after I was born, and I feel very attached to that name, to an uncle who hugged me when he died. This is Tommy’s evolution. I’m becoming more Tommy,” he said.


“I’m not going to change my name, I’ll call myself after my mother’s brother,” said Tommy Dorfman. Instagram photos @ tommy-dorfman

what is your future as a woman trans In the world of film and television? For now, Lena Dunhan gave her her first female role and Tommy said it was “Very exciting and valid”. Dunhan is the film’s screenwriter, director and cast. small furniture (2010) and the producer and protagonist of the series girls of series HBO.

“Some days I feel like I’m 14,” said Candy 29’s Dorfman.In the same interview, he said that from now on his identity is pronoun “he”. To come out of the closet, her photos appeared in the publication, where she is dressed elegantly and wearing high-heeled shoes.

Since The Premiere Of &Quot;13 Reasons Why&Quot;, Tommy Has A Good Number Of Followers On Social Networks.  Instagram Photos @ Tommy-Dorfman

Since the premiere of “13 Reasons Why”, Tommy has a good number of followers on social networks. Instagram photos @ tommy-dorfman

Dorfman rose to fame in 2017 as a member of the cast of 13 Reasons Why, Via Netflix, Shipment which revolves around the teen novel of the same title. Since then, he has an interesting number of followers on the social network, where he maintains—among other things—a marked profile of an extremist in LGBTQ causes.


One of ten things we don’t know about the teen series is in relation to Tommy: At the end of filming of the first season, he, Selena Gomez and Alisha Bo used a mysterious “semicolon” to symbolize mental health awareness. Got tattooed. .Originally 13 Reasons Why It was going to be a Universal Pictures movie And it also had Selena Gomez as an executive producer. It was supposed to be released in 2012, but it seems the project did not come to fruition.

&Quot;I Had A Nine-Year Relationship Where I Considered Myself More Masculine As A Gay Man,&Quot; Dorfman Said.  Photo: Instagram @Tommy-Dorfman

“I had a nine-year relationship where I considered myself more masculine as a gay man,” Dorfman said. Photo: Instagram @tommy-dorfman

Regarding their life as a couple, they said: “I had a nine-year relationship in which I considered myself more masculine, as a gay man.” past and trampled. After lengthy talks, he said, they seem to have managed to “redefine the bond.” And now they are what you can do: Guys.

It’s fun to think about coming out Because I didn’t go anywhere. I see today as I am being reintroduced as a woman after having a medical infection. Coming out always seems like a big reveal, but I never stopped doing it. Today is all about being clear: i am a trans woman“.

Apparently, he is publicly happy that the transition has been “free and enlightening”.