Home Entertainment Tom Cruise, Sean Penn, Sharon Stone: The Anti-Covid Squad

Tom Cruise, Sean Penn, Sharon Stone: The Anti-Covid Squad

Tom Cruise, Sean Penn, Sharon Stone: The Anti-Covid Squad

On June 15, the governor delivered the good news and Los Angeles was enlightened: For the first time ever, vaccinated people no longer had to wear masks inside public places.

Hollywood adapted, desperate as he was back to normal. After going to theaters with the public, the actor began to appear live at its premieres. Many VIP meetings were set up with few splashes or social distancing. A month later, the arrival of the highly contagious Delta Edition brought bad news. Everything gets left behind.

Tom Cruise He was a pioneer in anti-Covid activism, although his forceful methods, which included shouting at the disobedient, are still under discussion. The actor put together the safety protocols on the sets of Mission: Impossible 7 in London and some were angered by technicians not meeting the required two-metre distance.

Tom Cruise Shouts At Technicians For Maintaining Social Distancing On The Set Of &Quot;Mission Impossible 7&Quot;.  Reuters Photo

Tom Cruise shouts at technicians for maintaining social distancing on the set of “Mission Impossible 7”. Reuters Photo

He threatened to shoot anyone who did so, saying the insurance cost was too expensive. Nevertheless, the shooting of the film had to be halted in June as many were infected. Cruz himself is said to have been very close to infected dancers while filming a scene in a nightclub. The two robots he used as monitors were of no use to him. The Delta version proved to be a very persistent villain in his desire to spread.

Given the slowness of film and TV studios in taking action, Sean Penn He refused to film the series last week gaslit Starring Julia Roberts, until all employees have been vaccinated, whether or not they are in direct contact with the actors.

Penn offered a free vaccine to everyone in production using his organization Core, which is providing free tests and vaccines to the Los Angeles population during the pandemic.

Sharon Stone Submitted Her Candidacy For Board Member Of The Screen Actors Guild, Demanding Vaccination For All.  Ap Photo

Sharon Stone submitted her candidacy for board member of the Screen Actors Guild, demanding vaccination for all. ap photo

At Disneyland, chinstraps are mandatory again starting this Friday the 30th, even when the public or actors in the park are vaccinated.

beginning of defeat

The debacle began on 12 July, when the film’s cast space jam 2 He got together for the premiere and became infected by a Mexican comedian who voiced Speedy Gonzales. already for the premiere of the second season of ted lasso, the 20 Emmy-nominated Apple TV+ series, memos distributed by campaigners indicated that guests had to bring proof of vaccination and a negative COVID test.

Apple delayed opening its offices until October. But it was Netflix that this week became the first studio in the United States to require vaccination of all cast and staff working with them on their productions, called Zone A.

Sharon Stone He has just recently submitted his candidacy for board member of the Actors Guild Demanding Vaccination for All. In fact, like Sean Penn, Sharon says she refused to film in Atlanta because they weren’t all vaccinated. And she promises her allies that she will defend them if they vote for her.

Dave Grohl Of The Band Foo Fighters, Another Pro-Vaccine Activist.  Ap Photo

Dave Grohl of the band Foo Fighters, another pro-vaccine activist. ap photo

Another pro-vaccine activist, Dave Grohl, had to postpone a show in Los Angeles because someone in the concert outfit had become infected. He was one of the first to go on tour, demanding proof of vaccination from those who wanted to visit him. This provoked an “Anti Vaccine” protest at the door of one of his concerts.

On Wednesday they protested again in West Hollywood. “My body, my choice” is written in their posters. They claim to defend the freedom of not being vaccinated. The owner of a restaurant in Huntington Beach even banned the vaccinated.

They protest for ideological reasons, even though almost all those incarcerated for COVID are those who have not been vaccinated. And among these demonstrators is a famous actor, Los Angeles-based Ricky Schroder, the guy who broke your heart in the movie the champion.

“We can’t work if we’re not sure,” argues Sharon Stone across the street.