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Told Alec Baldwin

interview that alec baldwin done to Woody Allen On his Instagram account, at least was curious.

The actor and producer’s account, which has been at the center of the media scene since October 2021, when he fired a shotgun that allegedly contained empty bullets on the set of Rust, and accidentally killed director of photography Helena Hutchins, Has 2,400,000 followers.

And at the same time his daughter, Ireland BaldwinWhich he revealed on his TikTok account during his relationship with actress Kim Basinger that, in his teens, he was unconsciously raped.

Alec Baldwin, Woody Allen and an interview on Instagram.  Clarins Archive Photos

Alec Baldwin, Woody Allen and an interview on Instagram. Clarins Archive Photos

Three times the interview was stopped due to technical fault.

“Are they in a room where they have the best Wi-Fi?” After Allen left the broadcast a second time, Baldwin was heard asking someone off camera. “They need to be in the room with the best Wi-Fi in the house,” he suggested.

“the thrill Is Gone”

The news that emerges from the report — friendly, relatable — is that Allen announced that he was considering ending his career as a director. He will do it after his next film, which will be shot in Paris.

“I will probably do at least one more film. A lot of the excitement is gone,” Allen said. “When I used to make a movie, I used to go to theaters all over the country. Now you make a movie and you have a couple of weeks in the movie theater. Maybe four weeks, Or four weeks, and then it goes straight to streaming, or pay-per-view… It’s not the same… It’s not that good for me.”

He added, “I don’t enjoy making films as much as I enjoy premiering in theatres.” “It’s nice to know that 500 people were watching it at once… I don’t know how I feel about making movies. I’m going to make another movie and see how it feels.” “

director Manhattan, two strange lovers You Hannah and her sisters directed the actor intruder In Alice (1990), to Rome with Love (2012) and blue Jasmine (2013). Baldwin praised the filmmaker’s cinema, saying that Allen’s films were “a hot shower for me that heals everything.”

For his part, Baldwin asked him questions about his memoirs to the writing of his books. about nothing for his new collection of essays zero gravity,

As expected, the two avoided contact on any controversial subject. Baldwin announced Sunday night that he would be conducting an interview with Allen, who continues to face controversy after his adopted daughter, Dylan Farrow, alleged that he sexually abused her as a child. was.

With the launch of the documentary miniseries last year allen vs farrowIn which Dylan and his mother, Mia Farrow, further detailed the allegations first leveled in 1992, fueling the issue.

Baldwin wrote in the announcement on his Instagram account Sunday night: “I preface this by saying that I have zero interest in judgmental and discreet posts from anyone here. I’m definitely someone who has my own set of beliefs and I couldn’t care less about someone else’s speculations. If you think an HBO documentary deserves to be tested through, that’s your problem.”

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