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Todd and Julie Chrisley Say Their Marriage Is ‘The Strongest It’s Ever Been’ Amid Legal Drama

Todd and Julie Chrisley open up about the fallout of their legal troubles.

Last month, the couple was found guilty of conspiracy to commit bank fraud, conspiracy to defraud the United States, and tax fraud. In addition, Julie was convicted of wire fraud. Chrisley Knows Best The stars will be sentenced on October 6 and could face up to 30 years in prison.

in a new episode of Chrisley Confessions Podcast on Podcast One, Todd explained how the situation has strengthened their marriage.

“In my perspective, it has drawn me closer to my wife,” he said. “I think my marriage is, for me personally, internally, the strongest I’ve ever been. I feel like, for the first time in my life and in my marriage, I feel like my marriage takes away a part of me. Feeding what I did ‘didn’t even know was starving. I feel like I understand Julie on a different level than before. I think you opened up more since all of this Huh.

“I think for so long, you and I have been a team from day one,” replied Julie. “It’s you and I been up against the world… I think that for both of us, this situation, the seasons of our lives, has just shown us that it’s not about our plan, it’s about God’s plan. For a long time, it was always our plan, not God’s plan.”

The trial and subsequent sentencing came after a federal grand jury in August 2019 accused Todd and Julie of falsifying documents to secure up to $30 million in bank loans for personal use. Soon afterward, Todd and Julie turned themselves in, denying wrongdoing and filing a plea of ​​not guilty.

In Friday’s podcast episode, Julie said her brain is restored after reading a new book about the comeback.

“No matter how messy life gets. It is never too late for God to restore your family, your health, your mind. He must never be too late to put your life back together,” he said. “Never be late to heal the wounds that have been inflicted upon you over the years. Never be late to let Jesus speak to you when you are hanging on a cross in the middle of a punishment. … One needs to be moved so that we can get up.”

“I thought it was a really powerful statement,” she continued. “Sometimes we need a shakedown so we can wake up. And that’s a lesson for us to never be too late. We’ve never gone too far. God is always good and he always remembers us. Our The prayer is ‘not to take revenge on a group of people, but to be strong once again so that we can live in the glory of God.

Their conversation comes in the midst of a healing time for the family, at least in their personal lives.

Todd’s daughter, Lindsey Chrisley, recently addressed her reconciliation with her father after the pair had previously and publicly parted ways.

Lindsey talks about her reaction to being reunited with her father in a new episode of her podcast, southern tea, And told about his decision to rebuild their relationship.

While Lindsey was publicly and vigorously separated from Todd as recently as 2021, the pair fixed the fence earlier this year. Lindsey testifies in defense of Todd and Julie during their trial. Lindsey said the trial was not the motivating factor in their reconciliation, but rather her own marital troubles and eventual divorce from Will Campbell – with whom she separated in July 2021 after nine years of marriage – was the instigator.

“After the stuff of my divorce was made public, my dad posted, ‘I’m here, I love you, I see whatever’s going on in your life right now. [And] It’s really more so how were we able to reconnect,” she shared.

For more on the Chrisley family’s ongoing legal drama, watch the video below.

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