Home Entertainment TODAY Announced To Suggest There’s A “Crystal Generation” (VIDEO)

TODAY Announced To Suggest There’s A “Crystal Generation” (VIDEO)

TODAY Announced To Suggest There's A

Alan Sarah Defano, better known as alano, a singer who Last year has become popular for tiktok u “Random” Tips To various questions from his followers, who amuse themselves with their wit. However, this morning One of his videos divided opinion allegedly referring to the call “Crystal Generation”.

This term refers to the generation that criticize everything and apparently “everything hurts him” or “is wrong” according to their ideals. to this generation, 2000. born in; are those who have allegedly promoted cancellation culture, so earlier generations they have been labeled as weak.

“Do you know that at this time We have to think a thousand times before saying everything Why is someone going to be angry?”, the YouTuber also questioned in his two-minute video.

He points out that each particular flavor is criticized by others, preferring something with ice or drinking milk, which quickly turns into a question about capitalism or other factors.

What happened to us? I mean, seriously, what time did this happen? When do we become such weak human beings? So hurt by everything.

Some netizens launched themselves against Elán, claiming that he belongs to the generation that is unwilling to change in order to “evolve”, while Other people comment that the fact that negative comments don’t make him wait Proof that his words were true.