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Tobey Maguire & Kirsten Dunst Break Down ‘Spider-Man’s Iconic Upside-Down Kiss in the Rain’ (Flashback)

Later Spider-Man: No Way Home The trio brought together live-action Peter Parker, Tom Holland, Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire, with fans reminiscing over each of the franchise’s most memorable moments across the multiverse. For Marvel’s original webslinger, it was a full-circle moment after Sam Raimi embarked on the character’s cinematic journey nearly 20 years ago. Spider Man,

As Peter 2 (Maguire) explains to Peter 1 (Holland) and Peter 3 (Garfield), he and Mary-Jane Watson (Kirsten Dunst) have “worked it out” over the years since their relationship status is up in the air. was abandoned. of 2007 spider man 3, The couple’s happy ending was an unexpected and happy update for fans, including many who have been shipping the romance on-screen since their memorable inverted kiss in the rain.

According to Maguire, filming that iconic scene took her breath away. literally.

“I couldn’t breathe. The rain was making my nose water and then she was kissing me,” Maguire explained to ET in 2002. “I couldn’t breathe through my mouth and had to hold my breath while I was kissing him.”

The star continued, “The circumstances weren’t as sexy and sweet and romantic as it turned out to be.”

Maguire and Dunst's iconic upside down kiss.
sony pictures

When ET asked his co-star about shooting that moment, Dunst laughed and admitted that it was “really terrifying.” The Kiss takes place after a failed robbery and against the backdrop of some classic comic book imagery of the dark alleys of New York City. Spider-Man puts his longtime crush out of harm’s way for a second time after a pumpkin bomb thrown by the Green Goblin (Willem Dafoe) plunges MJ to all but certain death. With his infatuation full, MJ attempts to take a look at the protagonist by pulling down his mask before Peter stops, as he proves a quick study of superhero lives and the benefits of keeping one’s true identity a secret. Is. In an unspoken agreement, he allows her to remove her mask so that she can lock her lips in the rain.

And Maguire’s nose was covered by his dress, it was really Dunst coming her rescue on set

“It was like I was giving him CPR, because he couldn’t breathe in his suit,” Dunst said before the film’s premiere on May 3, 2002. “That’s not a good way to kiss.”

Late night shooting took place at the Warner Bros. Backlot (just around the corner from the entrance of the erof the fictional County General Hospital), where the alley set still remains and became a place of notable interest on the studio tour. when bring it on The actress recognized how well the final product turned out, with Dunst admitting that it didn’t look like they were filming film history at the time. “It looks really cool. I don’t recommend kissing like that,” she said. “And especially in torrential downpours when you’re chilly at 5 a.m. you’re in no mood to kiss.”

He also told, “And [Tobey]He is hanging upside down, so blood is running all over his head.”

While Maguire lamented the need to “sneak little breaths” out of the corner of his mouth for each take, he revealed “it was a good kiss.” [Dunst](The two actors took some time in their interviews to refute dating rumors at the time and insist that they’ve always been just “friends”).

Maguire and Dunst attend a Spider-Man promotional event.
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“I really really love this moment. It’s one of my favorite scenes,” Maguire shared. “Because it’s a scene where you see a superhero character and he’s vulnerable to someone goes.”

First teased in trailer, kissing just became a selling point Spider ManIt is marketed as a wide array of CGI action moments unprecedented at the time. Up to this point, the fantasy was primed after the adaptation of not only blade And X Men, but the long-anticipation of Stan Lee’s teenage hero from Queens is also getting the big screen treatment. Much to Lee’s delight at that time, Avatar Director James Cameron was in talks to pilot an adaptation during the ’90s. After doing various pre-production work for a potential film, the filmmaker left the project, seemingly tired of “development hell” and shifted his focus. titanic,

This unprecedented momentum eventually led to box office history, with Spider Man It became the first film to gross over $100 million in the opening weekend.

Left: Shrek 2's tribute to Upside Down Kiss.  Right: The O.C.'s tribute to Kissing Upside Down.
DreamWorks / Warner Bros. Television

Meanwhile, the upside down kiss became a mini-phenomenon in itself. Within two years, the moment had received several parodies and references, including: shrek 2 and on Oc The teen drama series of the ’00s went on with a direct tribute to its Season 2 episode “The Rainy Day Women,” in which Seth (Adam Brody), wearing an actual Spider-Man mask, during a late night, captured a satellite Unfortunate attempt to repair. Dish and Summer (Rachel Bilson) kiss him over and over again, making love while he hangs upside down after falling from her ceiling.

Thanks to press tours of Holland and Company over the past five years, starting in 2017. Spider-Man: Homecoming, the upside-down kiss, continues to re-emerge in the zeitgeist. Chrissy Teigen and John Legend Reenact the Moment lip sync battle, and late speaking with colliderThe unsolved The star and his “man in the chair,” Jacob Batalon, had some fun with the famous scene.

And in an unexpectedly random crossover event, kissing is now part of the Taylor Swift universe as well. Sadie Sink and Dylan O’Brien made their own appearance in the “All Too Well” short film directed by Blake Lively (and immediately sparked viral TikTok theories as to how this could be a sign). away from home villain and Swift ex Jake Gyllenhaal).

Left: Dunst kisses his fiancé in Spider-Man 2.  Right: Howard kisses Spider-Man in Spider-Man 3.
sony pictures

Maguire had an important role in the film series The Upside Down Kiss, with references to pop culture. In both sequels, scenes resonate at key moments in Peter and MJ’s love story. As she prepares to marry John Jameson (son of J.Jonah Jameson of JK Simmons) spider man 2, MJ recreates the kiss with his fiancé and appears disappointed at the lack of spark compared to Spidey. in spider man 3This marks an act of betrayal on Peter’s end when he tells Gwen Stacy (Bryce Dallas Howard) to “have a lie” on him as a crushed MJ watches from afar.

Years later, the scene remains a frequent entry on “best of” lists for both comic book movie moments and on-screen smooch (yes, it won Best Kiss). 2003 MTV Movie Awards) it’s a testament Spider ManIt’s this unapologetic, golden age of Hollywood honesty that the kiss feels more at home in the non-superhero category rankings, where it’s best appreciated next to the romantic crescendo between Rick and Ilsa, or Jack and Rose.

Dunst recently confirmed that the scene was always meant to evoke these famous moments from the god of remarkable kisses. while chatting with woo magazine In January. “But the way it was presented to me, [Raimi] Gave me this book of famous kisses, which made me realize just how romantic and special I wanted Sam to be,” she explained, adding that she is “proud” of the legacy of the moment.

On the set of Spider-Man, Sam Raimi directs Maguire and Dunst.
Getty Images

After the exit of Scott Derrickson on top of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness In 2020, Raimi took over directing and now it’s time for a full-circle career moment within the MCU. Not only are the filmmakers returning to a genre they helped define and pioneer the superhero movies to come, but Raimi is also reviewing them eval dead Roots, as the Phase Four sequel has been touted as “the first horror MCU film”.

Back in 2002, Dunst relayed his belief in the director’s ability to bring comic book heroes to life. “I think Sam has done an amazing job with the film, so I don’t think fans will be disappointed,” she told ET at the time.

And even after 20 years, those fans remain quite satisfied.

Spider Man Streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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