Home Entertainment “Toa la noche”: CNCO’s success without Joel but with Wisin

“Toa la noche”: CNCO’s success without Joel but with Wisin

“Toa la noche”: CNCO's success without Joel but with Wisin

CNCO begins its new stage by dancing “Toa la noche”. The primary single of the urban-pop band after the departure of its member Joel Pimentel is a tune composed along with Wisin to benefit from the summer season.

“It was a drastic change, a little bit difficult change,” Christopher mentioned of Pimentel’s departure in Might that left the favored quintet become a quartet.

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“But the essence of CNCO is still here, the essence of old CNCO has not gone away. We continue with the same desire, evolving every day, learning every day. The best of CNCO is yet to come,” he added in an interview.

The music video for “Toa la noche”, filmed in Miami and directed by Venezuelan Nuno Gomes, has nearly 5 million views on YouTube.

The lilting reggaetón was composed by CNCO, Los Legendarios and Wisin in Puerto Rico.

CNCO will take “Toa la Noche” to a US tour

The multinational band is about to start a US membership tour that begins August 19 in Austin, Texas, and ends September 18 in Tampa Bay, Florida.

They’re excited to see their followers after so lengthy separated by the pandemic.

“Just being able to be with them present, give them the affection that they always give us every day, bring a little positivity to them in these moments,” mentioned Christopher.

Different nations will probably be added to the live performance tour later.

“In the future we will begin to do things a little bigger and if God wants stadiums and go throughout Latin America, because we are very eager to visit all countries,” he added. “But for now we are starting in the United States.”

They’re additionally engaged on what will probably be their subsequent album after their standard covers album “Déjà Vu”.

“Out there we have a lot of songs that we are already crazy to put out,” mentioned Zabdiel. “However all the pieces is like (Luis) Fonsi, ‘slowly, easily, easily.’

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