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To succeed in Hollywood, Leo DiCaprio gives advice to Timothée Chalamet: what are they?

If anyone can boast of a successful Hollywood career, it’s Leonardo DiCaprio. So, what better than receiving and putting into practice his advice to succeed in the film industry. Timothée Chalamet, one of the rising stars of the moment revealed that DiCaprio advised him professionally. And he stressed: “No hard drugs or superhero movies.”

Timothée Chalamet is one of Hollywood’s darlings.of the so-called “it boy” since he was one of the protagonists of Call Me by Your Name, by Luca Guadagnino. That film was the starting point to build a coveted actor profile to star in independent productions such as Lady Bird Y beautiful boy.

But that It has not prevented him from being called for other blockbuster films as well.What dunes. while he continues to be the favorite of Guadagnino, who directed him again in Bones and All, a cannibalistic love story that earned an eight-minute standing ovation at the recent Venice film festival.

Timothee Chalamet, a rising star who listens to advice from more experienced colleagues, like DiCaprio.  Photo: AFP.

Timothee Chalamet, a rising star who listens to advice from more experienced colleagues, like DiCaprio. Photo: AFP.

An actor who gives advice…

Taking advantage of the fact that everything is on track and following in the footsteps of the greats of Hollywood, Chalamet revealed to the British edition of the magazine fashion Leonardo DiCaprio’s advice on avoid using hard drugs and also not starring in superhero movies.

DiCaprio and Chalamet shared the screen in Adam McKay’s 2021 satirical comedy don’t look upwhich premiered on Netflix last December, and was nominated for an Oscar for best film.

It is known that DiCaprio, shortly after his 48th birthday, is very selective with his work and with the roles he chooses. The only series he has appeared in, so far, is Growing Pains in 1992. And it was his leading role in titanicathe 1997 blockbuster that launched him to world stardom.

Leonardo DiCaprio in “Don’t look up”, the film where he shared a cast with Timotheé Chalamet.

The Oscar for “The Revenant”

On the other hand, the closest thing he’s ever done to a blockbuster superhero movie may be the reborn, in 2015, by Mexican Alejandro González Iñárritu, in which he plays a 19th-century frontiersman who fights and kills a bear. It was for this performance that DiCaprio won his first and only Oscar so far, something that was expected despite the good reviews of his work.

For his part, at just 26 years old, Chalamet’s career path has earned him a similar place as a highly respected actor within the film industry, since it is highly regarded by both critics and the public and has more and more fans. In addition, the actor is also imposing himself as a fashion icon.

So far, Timothée seems to pay attention to the more experienced colleague. Among the plans for 2023, Chalamet will play a young Willy Wonka in the Paul King story, Wonka. The musical film tells the origin of the famous chocolatier played by Johnny Depp.

“The movie is very sincere, it’s so happy,” said the actor, who also revealed that he will have to test himself by performing seven musical numbers.

On the other hand, another important project awaits him: a second part of Dune: Part Two, by Denis Villeneuve where he will share a cast with Zendaya, Florence Pugh and Austin Butler.


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