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to approach an infinite legacy

Astor Piazzolla’s music is past any class. Nearly three a long time after his loss of life, his creativity as a composer continues to problem the creativeness and locations him among the many nice artists of the Twentieth Century with a projection that additionally makes him a protagonist of the present century.

On this framework, the tributes and tributes on account of the 100 years of his start are a superb alternative not solely to recreate the musical universe of the bandoneon participant, but additionally to find the completely different seems that awaken his works in later generations.

And in tune with the everlasting tribute standing that characterizes this 2021, to subsequent weekend there’s a forecast of a robust piazzolliano local weather in Buenos Aires.

On the one hand, from Friday 27 to Sunday 29 August the fourth version of the Piazzolla Expertise Pageant, which can go at no cost by streaming from Ciudad Cultural Konex; and on the opposite, on Friday at 8 pm, on the CCK, the pianist and composer Juan “Pollo” Raffo, collectively along with his ensemble, will revisit Libertango, one of many nice albums of the bandoneon participant, within the Cycle Discos Esenciales.

Ástor Piazzolla'S Music Marked A New Course In Tango And Combined Elements Of The Academy With The Neighborhood.

Ástor Piazzolla’s music marked a brand new course in tango and mixed components of the academy with the neighborhood.

A turning level and confluence

“It will not be a completely free reading but not a cover of Libertango“warns Raffo, in a phone dialog with Clarín, in view of its presentation.” It is about making a version of an iconic album without distorting the original but not doing it as it was recorded, “he explains.

For the musician, composer and supervisor of orchestrations and musical preparations of key native rock information resembling Boys need to rock, from Paranoid Mice; Blue and Ritual, amongst a number of of Los Piojos; Indicatorsby Soda Stereo; I come from the opposite’s closet, of Divided; and Zits and Mommy!, by Juan Carlos Baglietto, amongst others, the album meant a turning level. And in addition of confluence.

“This album meant for my generation a clash between Piazzolla’s progressive tango and the progressive rock we used to listen to; between Ástor and Emerson Lake & Palmer and Gentle Giant ”, deepens the musician, who in addition to directing the concert, will be in charge of the electric keyboards.

Juan 'Pollo' Raffo Emphasizes The Meaning That &Quot;Libertango&Quot; He Had For His Generation.  Photo Juarez

Juan ‘Pollo’ Raffo emphasizes the which means that “Libertango” had for his technology. Photograph Juarez

Together with him, a combo made up of Fernando Lerman on flutes, Martín Pantyrer on clarinet, Lautaro Greco on bandoneon, Elizabeth Ridolfi on viola, María Laura Antonelli on piano, Tomás Pagano on electrical bass and Rodrigo Genni on drums and percussion.

On Libertango, recorded in Milan in 1974 with manufacturing by Aldo Pagani, Piazzolla was accompanied by a choose group of Italian session gamers. Nevertheless, following the scores rigorously, Raffo found a differential start line.

In line with the musician, the bandoneon participant “plays everything, all the time.” To any extent further the bandoneon occupies a preponderant place, however I launch it from carrying the burden on a regular basis ”, the artist particulars.

Concerning the instrumentation, Raffo anticipates that the ensemble will get better that progressive ambiance, “that climate that It is not known if it is an encounter or a collision between both worlds, that of progressive tango and that of rock.“. And he concludes:” We will play the complete album; and an important aspect is that with this album Piazzolla decided to take risks and leave his comfort zone ”.

Crossing of kinds and the identical ardour

For its half, precisely 30 blocks from the CCK, within the CCK, Piazzolla expertise, curated by drummer Pipi Piazzolla, will ratify that open look that’s already a trademark for the trademark pattern.

This system contains performances by Escalandrum, the Sexteto Mayor with Guillermo Fernández, Juan Pablo Navarro Septeto; the singers Julieta Laso, Lula Bertoldi and María de los Angeles “La Bruja” Salguero; the Quinteto Grande, the saxophonist Ramiro Flores and his group and 1444.

Along with his primarily tango Laso imprint -with an impressive step by the Tipica Fernández Fierro-, along with his rock line Bertoldi and along with his Salguero folkloric roots, the three coincide within the problem that decoding Piazzolla all the time represents, a activity that they’ll assume supported by the trio made up of Nicolás Guerschberg on piano, his brother Alejandro on bandoneon and Navarro on double bass.

Lula Bertoldi, La Bruja Salguero And Julieta Laso, A Triptych Of Female Voices For The Music Of Ástor Piazzolla.

Lula Bertoldi, La Bruja Salguero and Julieta Laso, a triptych of feminine voices for the music of Ástor Piazzolla.

However whereas Bertoldi highlights the necessity to strategy the work from the sensation, the Witch Salguero highlights the sensation of freedom that the music of the Mar del Plata transmits, whereas Laso emphasizes that, in comparison with the Piazzolian classics, the problem is to search out its “own version”.

However, Juan Libertella, a reference for the Sexteto Mayor, who will add his group sound to Fernández’s voice, explains that the proposal “is to make Piazzolla’s music with the characteristic sound of the sextet.”

Lula Bertoldi: “The approach is from the feeling”

“From the first moment they contacted me to be part of the Piazzolla Experience, I knew that I was going to have to turn my head to study. It was a tremendous challenge to interpret these pieces. Also, I had never sung tango, less in a context like this, recording, with cameras and without an audience “, says the singing voice of Eruca Sativa, who will interpret The white bicycle and The wall of China.

“The truth is that I studied a whole month to be able to interpret, but it is impossible to establish such works at that time. I believe that only the passing of the years will allow me to be able to interpret Piazzolla as he deserves ”, admits Bertoldi, who ponders the accompaniment he had from the Guerschberg-Gerschberg-Navarro trio. “Anyone sings on top of that base!” He says.

The singer provides that took as reference the variations of the album 3001, from Escalandrum with Elena Roger. “I have pure admiration for the band, but especially Elena is a huge thing; what she sings and interprets, her dynamics, expressiveness … I really started with the very high bar, so it was a super challenge to take my versions to a level like that. “, he admits.

And he concludes: “I really admire the work of these musicians. It really transcends the style. The interpretation of these works on the album 3001 it is tremendous. In a delivery of the Gardel Awards I was able to see this formation live and it blew me away as if I were Metallica in Madison Square Garden. They really are fire.

Witch Salguero: “Piazzolla is freedom”

Singing Piazzolla is freedom. It’s navigating all the colours of life in the identical track. From a child to the aged, from tiny softness to intense explosion, from multicolored and grey, solar and storm. Singing Piazzolla is flying “, he graphs.

“A few years in the past I recorded I am going again to the south with a phenomenal association by Daniel Homer, which I’ll sing once more together with Juanito Laguna helps his mom. For I come again, I resorted to the pleasure of listening to once more the hint of Mercedes Sosa crossing these historic songs of our nation. From Juanito Laguna helps his mom, I stored the model of Amelita Baltar, along with his manner of claiming … Stunning ”.

Concerning the strategy, the singer additionally resorts to the emotional: “I go back to the south makes me feel proudly Argentinian; navigate in their sounds and words thinking of so many Argentines who live throughout the world and that sweet melancholy that surrounds them when they listen to our music “

“In Juanito Laguna -complete- I let myself be carried away by the memories in my native neighborhood, in La Rioja, Barrio Matadero, in its working people, in childhood, in my family, in my father’s childhood.”

Julieta Laso: “The challenge is to find my own version”

“It is the first time that I interpret the music of Piazzolla, and one must find his own version of songs that are already classics, such as Ballad for my death and Jacinto chiclana, two of my favorite subjects. And that is a great challenge, “says the singer and actress.

So, he evaluations the references he took for his personal studying of the songs: “I listened, I think all the versions; my favorite of Jacinto chiclana It is undoubtedly that of Edmundo Rivero, and Ballad for my death has several very good ones, but I particularly like Mina’s version. I will try to make it my own, as if speaking softly and closely, singing from some little street, without solemnities ”.

Sexteto Mayor + Guillermo Fernández: an auspicious encounter

El Crucero del Sextet, an establishment inside the tango universe presently made up of Horacio Romo and Luciano Sciarretta on bandoneon, Eduardo Walzack and Pablo Agri on violin, Fulvio Giraudo on piano and Enrique Guierra on double bass, with Guillermo Fernández on voice, is one other of the sturdy factors of the assembly.

Juan Libertella, who after the loss of life of his father, José, assumed the illustration of the group, says that Guillermo has identified one another for a few years and that they’ve accomplished many reveals collectively.

The Sexteto Mayor Is An Institution Within The World Of Tango.

The Sexteto Mayor is an establishment inside the world of tango.

“For this presentation,” he explains, “we chose songs that he had already recorded on his album. Piazzolla – Ferrer connection, and what we did with the sextet was to make arrangements with the characteristic sound of the group ”.

As for the music chosen for the Sextet, he points out that they will be songs that they have been doing since its inception. “There’s a potpourri known as Choice of Astor Piazzolla, which incorporates the elements Prepare, Goodbye Nonino, Escape and thriller, Triumphal and Ballad for a loopy, and as closing the model of Winter Porteño organized by José Libertella “, he particulars.

And Libertella closes by taking over because the axis the pairing of the Sexteto Mayor with Guillermo Fernández: “As I said before, we have had many encounters with Guillermo, but until now we have never thought of it as a record project. Although we cannot rule it out for the future. It is not a simple task either, but it would be an interesting project ”.

When and the place

Piazzolla expertise Will probably be broadcast on the CCKonex YouTube channel and on the web site experiencepiazzolla.com, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, from 9 pm, with free entry.

Libertango, by Juan “Pollo” Raffo Ensamble, goes on Friday, at 20, within the CCK Auditorium, Sarmiento 151. Admission is free and reservations are at https://cck.gob.ar/entradas.