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TN and El Trece, winners in the rating for the coverage of the elections

TN and El Trece, winners in the rating for the coverage of the elections

On the Sunday of the elections, the rating of the news signal TN as much as that of The thirteen led cable and air measurements: TN got 3.47 percent of the audience and Ppt (Journalism for all, the program of Jorge Lanata), led the strip from 22 to 23.30 with 7.7 points, becoming the most seen on open TV Sunday.

In duplex with TN, in addition, both signals obtained a rating of 12.3 on average. On the cable (TN), Decision 21 it was the most viewed coverage: from 18 to 22 he maintained an average of 9.3 (split between El Trece 4.4, and TN, 4.9).

A different sunday

Members Of Together For Change Celebrate Having Won The Legislative Elections In The Main Districts Of The Country.  Photo Efe / Enrique Garcia Medina

Members of Together for Change celebrate having won the legislative elections in the main districts of the country. Photo EFE / Enrique Garcia Medina

The one that happened was a Sunday special for the country and also for turning on television. Most of the screens, both on air and cable television, were focused on the national elections. In this context, the fight for ratings was different from other weekends.

The elections closed at 18, and from five minutes before El Trece began transmitting in duplex with TN. With driving Diego Leuco and Luciana Geuna, he addressed the elections in Decision 2021. At 6.30 p.m. 2.8 points against 3.3 for El Potro. Finally, it averaged 4.4 points and was the third most watched show on the channel.

TO The thirteen, instead, Jorge Lanata’s program paid off, which was obviously focused on the analysis of what happened at the polls. On the average, Journalism for all 2021 was the most successful show of the day on the air, averaging 7.6 points. Five tenths behind was Elections 2021, the program of Telefe doomed to the elections.

President Alberto Fernández Greets His Followers After Learning The Results Of The Elections.  Photo Efe / Juan Ignacio Roncoroni

President Alberto Fernández greets his followers after learning the results of the elections. Photo EFE / Juan Ignacio Roncoroni

The programs on the elections were the three most watched also in the signal of America, where with the conduction of Antonio Laje and Luis Novaresio the special program The country chooses (The analysis) rounded 2.7 points, followed by The country chooses (The closure) with 2.2 and The country chooses III, with 1,2.

On The nine something similar happened, but with lower figures: Argentina Code and Democracy 2021 matched for first place with Crime & Mystery, all three with 1.1.

TN, leader

María Eugenia Vidal And Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, At The Center Of The Juntos Por El Cambio Celebrations.  Afp Photo

María Eugenia Vidal and Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, at the center of the Juntos por el Cambio celebrations. AFP photo

With the closing of the elections, at 18, TN was the leader with 3.9 points, while C5N it marked 2.9, The Nation + I was 2.6, A24 (which was in duplex with America) 2,4 and Chronicle did 2.3, always according to the data measured by the consultancy Kantar Ibope Media.

Thirty minutes later, C5N came forward with 4 points. In second place was LN +, with 3.7; behind it appeared TN (which was in duplex with El Trece), with 2.9, A24 (in duplex with America), with 2.4; Chronic, with 1.8; and Channel 26, with 0.8.

Anyway at 21.04, when the first official data were known, the most watched was an air channel, Telefe, with 6.9, just above C5N, I was 6.7. Then they came, LN + with 6.2; The Thirteen with 6.1; America / A24 that added 5.3; TN with 5; Chronic with 2.5; Channel 26 with 1.6.

By the time President Alberto Fernández gave his speech, at 22:01, the leadership was in the hands of C5N, with 6.9. Later appeared Telefe, with 6.3; LN +, with 5.8; El Trece, with 5.3; TN, with 4.6; America / A24, with 4.1; Chronicle TV, with 2.1; Public TV, with 1.6; El Nueve, with 1.3 and Canal 26, with 1.2. Cable channels gathered 22.6 against 16.7 for open television.

The five most watched on air TV: Journalism for all 2021 (El Trece) 7.6, Elections 2021 (Telefe) 7.1, El Potro, the best of love (Telefe) 6.4, Deal done (Telefe) 5.8, La peña de Morfi (Telefe ) 4.7, Police in action (El Trece) 4.7. Air channels: Telefe 5.3, El Trece 4.4, America 1.8, El Nueve 1, Public TV 0.8, Net TV 0.3.


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