Tini Stoesseel reveals that Belinda already married Christian Nodal

The Argentine singer “dropped her tongue” and apparently revealed one of her colleague’s best kept secrets.

MEXICO CITY.— In a video call anything can happen and to show the embarrassing moment who starred Tini Stoessel next to Belinda, Well, the Argentine singer “unintentionally, willingly” revealed that the interpreter of “Egoísta” was already married to singer Christian Nodal.

This “confession” made during a virtual meeting caused ‘Beli’ to immediately react and clarify what Tini said.

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“Already got married”

In the talk in which the singer Lola Indigo was also present, the interpreters met to promote their single “School girl, But that went into the background, as fans of Nodal and Tini’s fiancee focused all their attention on the statement made by Sebastián Yatra’s ex, who surely said that Belinda she is already a married woman.

Belinda is married, but stop … but Beli, I saw the ring“, said Tini Stoessel regarding the sentimental situation of the interpreter of” Sapito “.

After the uproar that Argentina caused, Belinda denied what was said about her alleged union with Christian Nodal, but added that is the commitment even if They don’t have a wedding date yet and even expresses that they are currently focused on other types of issues that have little to do with marriage.

Nevertheless, Tini’s statement caused netizens will stoke the theories about her marriage and even the supposed pregnancy she is trying to hide. However, a few weeks ago a rumor began to circulate that Belinda will get married in August and in Spain with Christian Nodal, although so far that has not been confirmed.

But Nodal is already preparing his suit for the wedding!

In social networks, una image and a video of the interpreter of “Bottle after bottle” went viral, because he was caught with a designer, who was taking measures to make his supposed wedding suit. Even the designer assured that they were ready to start with the outfit. For its part, Nodal’s team assured that it was a lie.

And even though Belinda and the regional music singer have not said anything about the gossip about their wedding, some international media believe that the second week of August.

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