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Timbre 4 turns 20 and will celebrate it in the theater and on the street

Twenty years ago, a very young director and playwright had the difficulty of not finding a room to show his works. At that time, Claudio Tolcachir was not a recognized name as it is today in the environment. However, there was a person who knew how to advise him and that is where another story began.

Two decades ago, Tolcachir was working as an actor in the play Five women in the same dress directed by Norma Aleandro. It was the actress who advised Tolcachir to take advantage of the living room of his house, a PH in the Boedo neighborhood to set up an alternative theatrical space right there. “There you have a place,” Norma told him. And everything changed.

Timbre 4, the Boedo theater turns 20

Timbre 4, the Boedo theater turns 20

The director, along with a group of colleagues and friends who continue to maintain the bond to this day, transformed an environment of the house into a room. On the sidewalk of Calle Boedo at 600 there was nothing to indicate that there, at the end of a long corridor, which functioned as a waiting room, there was a theater. Those who found out, by word of mouth, came to the door and rang bell 4.

The beggining

The first work that premiered was Middle Ham. Y the first years were not easy. The neighbors of the apartments ahead complained about the noise, about the entry and exit of people. They thought that drugs were being sold at the back of the PH or something strange was going on. More than once, the police arrived and were greeted by the actors and Tolcachir himself dressed as their characters.

“It only happened there because I had the biggest living room and because I was surrounded by insane players. But the space is the least of it. The building is an excuse. Timbre is the people who find themselves trying to be something that will never stop being a mystery,” says Tolcachir.

Several years later and with the influx of public that grew day by day, the bottom PH expanded to another of the front PHs. And later, the theater was extended around the corner, along Mexico Street, where a chair factory used to operate. With conditioning, it was transformed into a room for about 200 people.

Timbre 4, Claudio Tolcachir's theater in Boedo, turns 20.

Timbre 4, Claudio Tolcachir’s theater in Boedo, turns 20.

The patio and the bar, at the entrance of México 3554, moreover, almost acquired a life of their own, with an audience that has not stopped growing and that constantly enters and leaves the performances and stays talking about the works.

“It was just about inventing a place in the world, a roof where to get together to do things. Walls that would protect the attempts, but that could break and get back up again. And above all, a floor where you could fall to infinity and come out unscathed”, adds the manager.

The celebration

So next weekend from Friday 5 to Sunday 7 Augustthere will be a party at Timbre 4, for its 20th birthday, with activities in the theater and on the street, to share with the residents of the neighborhood who today feel the theater as their own.

The friday 5from 8:30 p.m., there will be a special wine tasting, preparing the ground for the special function at 9:00 p.m. The Omission of the Coleman Family, a classic of the director and at this point, of independent theater as well. At 11 pm, after the show there will be a debate with Tolcachir and the cast.

Timbre 4, the Boedo theater celebrates 20 years and is a benchmark for independent theater.

Timbre 4, the Boedo theater celebrates 20 years and is a benchmark for independent theater.

The saturday 6Timbre goes out into the street to celebrate with live music and in the open air, sharing with the people of the neighborhood on Mexico Street, between Maza and Boedo. At 6:00 p.m. La Joven Guarrior will perform, at 7:15 p.m. the clip will be screened 20 years, directed by Melissa Hermida. At 7:30 p.m. the dance will continue with DJ Set Cami Boero and at 9:00 p.m., the candles will be blown out, as befits every birthday.

The sunday 7starting at 6 pm, there will be a party for the students of the school theater, one of the busiest in the city.

the growthI am in Madrid and here

From that first room on Boedo al 600 until today, many years have passed, hundreds of works, thousands of artists and thousands of other spectators who have the room as one of the benchmarks of independent theater. But fame, at the hands of its founder, crossed borders and reached Spain. Y in 2021, Timbre 4 opened a branch in Madrid.

In the Boedo room, moreover, it has been held since 2013, the TABA festival (High Season Buenos Aires)an annual meeting with international artists, to promote theatrical exchange and new experiences.

“Timbre 4 is a group of people who do not lose their passion and curiosity, who are capable of celebrating the growth of others and who chose, with all that it implies, to defend the happiness of taking risks as a team,” says Tolcachir. “Timbre is an international festival but it is also a team that produces, manages, cleans, then takes classes and creates, all in the same space.”

The idea of ​​a team is precisely one of the axes of the place. “I proudly believe that it is a genuine, honest place; that it can be a cave and a breeding ground for everyone. That is how it was born and that is how it grew. And that is how I hope it continues every day taking the form that those who find there something that moves and feeds “, he assures.

Claudio Tolcachir.  Director, actor, playwright and one of the founders of the Timbre 4 room, which celebrates 20 years.

Claudio Tolcachir. Director, actor, playwright and one of the founders of the Timbre 4 room, which celebrates 20 years.

Enthusiastic about what has been achieved, from that room at the back of the house until now, Tolcachir reflects: “Fortunately, Timbre belongs to everyone, everyone, that’s how we feel. Creators, spectators, teachers, students, producers, workers, journalists, technicians. Without proper names it is already a place where people are going to feel, to mobilize”

And it closes, by way of celebration: “Hello to all of us who built this space and health to the theater. That was my salvation and that of so many others.”


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