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Tilda Swinton presents ‘The Eternal Daughter’ at the Venice Film Festival

british actress tilda swinton is the great protagonist this Wednesday at the Venice festival with a semi-autobiographical film about a woman who believes in ghosts and is mourning the death of her mother.

the eternal daughter, in competition for the Golden Lion and directed by his compatriot Joanna Hogis based on the personal experience of the two women, who have lost their mother in recent years.

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“I think you have to think about the concept of ghost. There is something important and therapeutic in that relationship,” Swinton confessed in a talk at the Venetian Lido.

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“One of the reasons that multiplies the pain due to the death of the mother is the feeling that the relationship with her was lost. Then, over time, you realize, if you are lucky, that this relationship can be maintained” , explains the actress who surprised in Venice with her original haircut dyed with the colors of Ukraine.

Considered as one of the most minimalist and at the same time ambitious films of the 79th edition of the Venetian Film Festivalimpresses with the magnificent interpretation of Swinton, which embodies both the mother and the daughter.

“It is possible that she (her own mother) is no longer present, but our dialogue continues,” says the actress, who was awarded an honorary Golden Lion last year in Venice.


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The moving encounter between the character of Swinton and his mother takes place in the strange atmosphere of a manor house in the English countryside, out of time, between fog and diffused light, a ghostly environment.

Ghosts, memories and dreams

For Hogg, director among others of the intricate film The memorythe idea of ​​addressing the relationship between mother and daughter emerged in 2008 “When my mother was still alive and about to die“, at 93 years old, he said.

“The first movie I ever acted in was directed by Joanna. It was the movie she was graduating with.. That’s why I owe him a lot, “revealed on her part Swinton about her friend from school.


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Like Hogg, Swinton lost his mother in 2012, so the film is “a kind of four-handed autobiography,” he stressed.

“We were very brave … Nothing stopped us and we examined all aspects of the mother-daughter relationship,” said Hogg, who is a firm believer in ghosts.

I am convinced that people stay with us after death, it is that some are not so willing to leave“, he assured.

The film, which mixes ghosts, memories and dreams, greatly involved Swinton herself, who participated in the creation process thanks to that strong friendship with the director.

“It is essential for me to create lasting relationships, trust and friendship with the artists I work with,” confessed Hogg, who goes from classic horror film to psychological drama to capture the viewer.


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