Home Entertainment TikToker invented infertility to have unprotected sex (Video)

TikToker invented infertility to have unprotected sex (Video)

TikToker invented infertility to have unprotected sex (Video)

Kishore Murthy admitted that he never uses protection when he has sex, believing that he is sterile.

Mexico City.- Naeem Darechi, made a popular TikToker controversial statement In an interview in which he was asked about his intimate life and how he spends his life sex life.

In this negotiation, the Spaniard assured that He doesn’t use any kind of protectionBesides that he doesn’t like believe it’s sterileFor this reason, he believes that he is not able to “influence” the lives of any of his partners with an unwanted pregnancy. However, the aspiring singer indicated that to avoid using condoms You have to deceive them.

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In Video For the YouTube channel of ‘Mostopapi’, Naeem Darechi He assures that he has unprotected sex and even ejaculates inside his partners without your consent, explains in the above interview that if he uses condoms he simply cannot.

“I can’t, it’s hard for me with a condom … that’s why I don’t use it,” explained one of the most influential TikTokers in Spain and Mexico.

naim He also mentioned that he thought he had a problem, as he had not impregnated any of his partners, but remarked that if the girl he is with felt uncomfortable, he would reassure her. That he has had surgery and that’s it.

“Nothing has ever happened and I’m starting to think I have a problem […] I tell them you’re cool that I’m sterile: ‘You’re cool that I’ve had surgery for not having kids,'” the influencer also said.

They demand punishment for teenage idol

After Tiktok’s objectionable statement went viral Spanish government Decided to take action on the matter. Irene Monteiro, The Equality Minister of the Spanish Government said that Tiktok may get punished For sexual abuse and/or assault when engaging in sexual behavior without consent.