Home Entertainment Tickets for Guns N’ Roses will be on sale tomorrow

Tickets for Guns N’ Roses will be on sale tomorrow

Tickets for Guns N' Roses will be on sale tomorrow

What used to be false news, is now the colors of a happy reality for fans of the Guns N’ Roses band, which will be presented on Saturday, October 9 at the Centro de Espectaculos de la Feria Yucatán (Xmataquil).

As we reported, Merida is one of three locations in Mexico where the group, led by Slash, Duff and Axl Rose, will tour, an event that surprised the band’s fans from the rest of the country, for example. For this reason, Ciudad de México was not included in the tour. There are complaints in the Guns N’ Roses social networks that the city is not included.

The group, which delivered hits like “Sweet Child O’ Mine” and “November Rain,” has an outstanding debt with its followers in the Southeast, as it announced a trip to Merida in 2020, but due to the pandemic Covid The date was postponed to -19 (there were no tickets for sale on that occasion), so that the group’s final performance would be at the Vive Latino Festival in the same year.

According to the band’s social networks, the confirmed dates are: 7 October in Guadalajara, 9 October in Mérida and 12 October in Monterrey.

In Merida’s case, the concert is scheduled for 9 p.m.

Organizers announced pre-sales for tomorrow and today, and general sales, starting tomorrow, Friday, on the website Ticketred.com.mx.

Following are the prices with the charges included:

Hospitality Zone $11,905, Extreme $8,090, VIP Stand $4,760, Gen A $3,560, Gen B $2,140 and Stairs $2,975.

Mass events in Mérida have been suspended since March 2020, and although the group Matute and 90’s Pop Tour have also announced upcoming tours to the city, not much is known about it yet.

The Guns N’ Roses concert organizers have included in an advertisement that in the event of a rescheduling of the concert due to Covid-19 or any health condition, the public can immediately request a refund or hold tickets for a new one . . The capacity of the program is 35,000 people.

Guns N’ Roses’ arrival in the city has raised hope not only among fans of the band, but also among other regions, who see an international program as a positive for the state. – Emmanuel Rincon