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Tiago PZK will be the luxury guest at the end of the year for Bizarrap

Tiago PZK will be the luxury guest at the end of the year for Bizarrap

Tiago Pzk Will Be The Luxury Guest At The End Of The Year For Bizarrap - Light Home News

While the expectation rose that Bizarrap would close the year with the long-awaited Music Session # 23 of – according to everything seems to indicate – Paulo Londra, who has not yet returned to the music scene after the recent victory in the trial against Big Ligas, the successful producer musical de zona Oeste published a video on their social networks to end so much speculation and unravel the mystery.

Although the Cordovan artist will not be the protagonist of his next release, that is not why the announcement made the fans less enthusiastic. Is that Tiago PZK, one of the most relevant Argentine musicians in 2021, will be in charge of giving voice to the Music Session # 48, that will leave this Wednesday at 19 (Argentine time), as it usually happens.

As has become the custom of late, Bizarrap released a video that acts as a trailer for the next piece of music. This time, the set was decorated with Christmas motifs.

In the beginning of the video, which lasts just over two minutes, a man is seen whose identity is preserved with a mask and a cape. Accompanied by an “elf”, he reaches a floor where there are several people dressed as Santa Claus who form a circle.

From the front, Bizarrap appears, also wearing the Santa Claus outfit, although with his characteristic glasses and black cap. “Password?” He asks. To which the masked man responds ’23’, alluding to the Missing session and how much expectation it generates in the public.

“That is the password of the party: But, the one of the house?”, He asks. This time, the stranger answers ’48’. That is to say, the Session that continues in chronological order, after # 47 was published three weeks ago with the Spanish Morad.

Removing the mask reveals the identity of Tiago Uriel Pacheco, better known as Tiago PZK, who has great hits in his setlist such as Besides me, close to you, crazy, I go out at night (ft. Thunder) and Among us.

The last session of the year of Bizarrap, with presentation and luxury guest

Tiago PZK will be in BZRP # 48

The accelerated rise of Tiago PZK

Tiago Uriel Pacheco was born in Monte Grande on August 3, 2001. He spent his childhood and adolescence from plaza to plaza, participating in freestyle competition. In that sense, his biggest appearance was at the Red Bull Batalla de los Gallos Argentina 2020.

However, his identity had become relevant months before, after his musical side went viral when he met Alone (it already has almost 80 million visits), the theme that shot him to fame and that talks about his own history of domestic violence.

Quickly, he decided to put freestyle battles aside and focused on his career as an artist. So it was that he began to live in a house with other recognized edges of the scene: Lit Killah, FMK Y Rusher king, with whom he composed several songs.

Precisely, he performed with FMK Plus de Mí, which would later be renewed with a successful remix that included Duki, María Becerra, Lit Killah and Khea. Due to the size of the protagonists, the theme accumulates almost 250 million views.


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