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Tiago Correa reveals details of his character in La Reina Del Sur 3 and does he confirm suspicions?

  • Tiago Correa speaks exclusively about his participation in La Reina del Sur
  • The Chilean actor reveals new details of his character in this third season
  • Are the rumors about an alleged ‘romance’ with Kate del Castillo true?

Tiago Correa The Queen of the South. The chain of Telemundo will be airing the long-awaited third season of “La Reina del Sur,” starring superstar Kate del Castillo. The series is known for showing impressive landscapes around the world in each season, it will include various emblematic locations in Latin America such as the Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia, Machu Picchu in Peru, the glaciers in Argentina and Santa Marta in Colombia, among others.

It will also have a luxury cast in which the Chilean actor Tiago Correa stands out, returning once again to the third season to give life to Jonathan Pérez, a DEA policeman who will have a connection with Teresa Mendoza and will be key in his plan to get your life back. Now exclusively for now world reveals some details of his character.

Tiago Correa The Queen of the South: Tell us a little about his character

Tiago Correa The Queen of the South: Tell us a little about his character

“Yes, well, the Jonathan Pérez, the character I played in the Queen of the South in the second season, they break his heart for this family that was the DEA and that was his only family. He was already without a family, it is a story that we have hidden there in the previous season and his family was the DEA, his family was Willy. And when he realizes that his enemies were not really those who were with Teresa, but his own companions and his own love, he sees himself very disappointed and with tremendous sorrow and is left without a family ”.

“Then he later recognizes in Teresa, in Olek, in Batman and Sheila, that there he has a group of people who are family, who are really true to themselves. And already in this third season he starts with that pain, with that also new vision of the world and with recognizing himself in each of the other characters in which they are the same. They really are lonely, they are very lonely characters.”

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