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Thriller The Chariot of God and Western Las Rojas lead the week premiere


god’s favorite idiot

On Netflix from Wednesday the 15th.

McCarty and Falcone star in the comedy "God

McCarty and Falcone star in the comedy “God’s Favorite Idiot”.

An 8-episode wacky comedy starring Melissa McCarthy and her husband, fellow writer and producer Ben Falcone. He’s a tech support worker who falls in love with his colleague, Emily Luck (McCarthy), just as he becomes a messenger of God. In addition, there is skating, a lake of fire and an impending apocalypse.

ines of my soul

Starting Friday the 17th on Amazon Prime Video.

The story of Ines, the first Spanish woman to reach Chile, and her hard work to help build this nation’s nation. The story of this Prime Video Original Series follows real-life people and events; and is based on the novel of the same name by Chilean author Isabel Allende.

it was always me

Premieres on Disney+ on Wednesday the 15th.

Karol Sevilla returned to star in a Disney series: "It was always me."

Karol Sevilla returned to star in a Disney series: “It was always me.”

Karol Sevilla, Star of i am luna, the stars of this Disney+ original Mexican series. She is Lupe, a teenager who travels to Colombia for the funeral of her father, El Faraón, who is a star in that country. Upon arrival, he realizes that there is nothing like it and decides to enroll in a music competition to be closer to his father’s environment and investigate his suspicious death.

It is a sin

Fridays at 10 p.m. on HBO. Each chapter available next day on Flow on Demand.

This HBO Max original mini-series chronicles four friends in 1980s London during a decade when everything changed, including the rise of AIDS among the population. Russell T. Davis as the creator of Years and Years and Queer Folk.

love and chaos

Available on Netflix starting Thursday 16.

The second season of Swedish series "Love and Anarchy" arrives on Netflix.

The second season of Swedish series “Love and Anarchy” arrives on Netflix.

The second season of the Swedish romantic comedy, One of the Wonders of the Pandemic. Newly divorced Sophie (Ida Angvoli) is trying to start a life together with Max (Bjorn Mostaine). Due to unforeseen events, he faces an existential crisis, something that has dire consequences for the relationship.

love, victor

From Wednesday the 15th, exclusively on Star+.

In season three, Victor (Michael Cimino) begins a journey of self-discovery, deciding not only who he wants to be with, but who he wants to be with. While planning what to do after high school, Victor and his friends face new problems that they must solve in order to make the best decisions for their future.


wrath of god

Wednesday the 15th, premieres on Netflix.

"Wrath of God".  Photo: Netflix

“Wrath of God”. Photo: Netflix

Luciana (Macarena Achaga, from the series luis miguelo) is shrouded in the mysterious deaths of his relatives. And he wants to know the truth with the help of journalist Esteban (Juan Minujin).

Kloster, an enigmatic writer who was his boss (Diego Peretti), looms over the scene with an air of horror and guilt. The Argentine thriller by Sebastian Schindl is based on Guillermo Martínez’s novel The Slow Death of Luciana Bee.


Available starting Friday the 17th, on Star+.

Moran and Orio play two paleontologists in the western "Las Rojas" of Argentina.

Moran and Orio play two paleontologists in the western “Las Rojas” of Argentina.

Mercedes Moran is Carlota, a distinguished paleontologist who has kept a secret for years; and Natalia Oreiro, a young colleague, Constanza, who is sent to look after her. Although they are on a war footing, they must join forces to deal with a worse enemy. Argentine Western by Matias Luchesi.

Los Tigres del Norte: Stories to Tell

Available on Amazon Prime Video starting Friday.

The documentary that features an intimate and never-before-seen look at one of the most iconic and popular groups in the Mexican regional music scene: Los Tigres del Norte. From its humble beginnings to the rise and success of the band after becoming one of the most relevant groups in the country.

spider head

Premieres Friday, on Netflix.

Chris Hemsworth runs an outpost prison in the action movie "Spiderhead".

Chris Hemsworth runs an outpost prison in the action movie “Spiderhead”.

In a state-of-the-art prison experimented with emotion-altering drugs by a brilliant visionary (Chris Hemsworth), a relationship unfolds between two inmates (Miles Teller and Jurnee Smollett) who are grappling with their past.


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