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Three years later, Kazoo will return to the stage at CABA and create Luna Park

A few weeks after releasing his fourth album cheating babeCaizu announced their next show in Buenos Aires, after a three-year wait, on 29 September at the legendary Luna Park Stadium, once again reaffirming their leadership in urban music and representing the artistic movement.

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In return, Kazoo has already announced his world tour, which will take him to Latin America, the United States and Spain.



great hope

The show at Luna Park promises an impressive and innovative extensive staging, as Kaizu is showing in all the material that comes with this recent project, in which the intersection of languages ​​and artists is prominent in one very strong and organized concept.



The album was officially presented through a release art, in which she shared not only listening to the album, but an extraordinary display of art with photos, costumes and even a massive spider. Provided, the artist captured the whole concept of your new. material.

In return, during the first days of June, they presented an impressive sculpture of a spider in Rivadavia Park, which represents their new album.

Cazzu's giant spider in Parque Rivadavia.

Cazzu’s giant spider in Parque Rivadavia.

cheating babe

cheating babe Is Kazuo’s fourth album after evil, error 93 – the album for which he was nominated for Best New Artist at the Latin Grammys 2020-, and dam girl, released during the pandemic. This new material, created by Caizu and Nico Cotton, combines Caizu’s art, music creation and sound effects at the moment, constantly innovating, challenging the identity of the genre’s pioneers in Argentina and leading to greater international expansion. Is. ,

Kajju's album cover.

Kajju’s album cover.

Less than a month after its release, the new album has racked up over 15 million streams on digital music platforms alone, and managed to break into the top 10 of Spotify’s Top 50 – Global list.

Since the release of the album, the artist has been presenting a series of video clips to suit each of his tracks, such as boss, harmful With Maria Becerra, cheating babe Directed by Facundo Balve, and starring a performance by Cotho Nez and choreographed by Denis de la Roche, Think About Me And velde islandA song that has been one of the top 5 songs from the album, dominating globally with over 641 thousand streams.

In collaboration with this album are Randy and De La Jew. Movie – CoolioBray, Ankhal and Luar La l’Inn inflateExcept for Maria Becerra harmful, Plus, they add to the production Caleb Calloway. inflate and for the big one Net,

on tour

cashew, fly

cashew, fly

He recently came from successfully presenting himself at Primavera Sound in Barcelona, ​​where he shared a poster with Dua Lipa, Gorillaz, Tyler, The Creator, and the Coca-Cola Flow Fest in Mexico City in November and December. It also confirmed its participation in Monterrey.

Being one of the Argentine artists with the greatest international expansion, she was recently nominated for Female Artist – On the Rise at the Premios Juventud to be held on July 21 in the United States.

Undoubtedly, Cazzu’s success continues to transcend boundaries, solidifying itself as one of the Argentine trap references with incredible popular success in its home country and across the continent.


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