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Sunday, September 25, 2022

Three women mourn ‘El Bola’ at the funeral (VIDEO)

  • The funeral of the alleged Mexican extortionist went viral
  • Three women appear crying in the coffin
  • He was released several times

On September 3, ‘El Bola’, an alleged member of the ‘La Unión Tepito’ cartel and extortionist of merchants, was shot dead. According to reports, the criminal was killed in the Venustiano Carranza Mayor’s Office in Mexico City.

It was the renowned Mexican journalist Carlos Jiménez who released the news through his official Twitter account. “This is how they should end. He is the former prisoner of La Unión, Oscar Irving Hernández, ‘El Bola’. He extorted, raised (kidnapped), tortured. He took “$” from working people,” the reporter wrote.

Who was ‘The Ball’?

Oscar Irving Hernández, became the leader of one of the cells of the criminal organization that operates in central Mexico, after Fernando Sánchez Medina, better known as ‘El Fernandito’, was captured in early 2022, according to with Infobae.

Supposedly he carried out his criminal operations in the Historic Center of Mexico City. “He was imprisoned 6 times, but he always came out. Today he ended up like this: shot dead in the Venustiano Carranza Mayor’s Office, ”reported journalist Carlos Jiménez on his official Twitter account.

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