Home Entertainment Three-day finale in honor of Rafaela Carra

Three-day finale in honor of Rafaela Carra

Three-day finale in honor of Rafaela Carra

Rome (EFE) .—The great diva of Italian television, Raffaella Carra, who died Monday at the age of 78, received the final big applause at her funeral yesterday, as she went on to complete all the shows that attracted her. world.

The funeral took place at the church of Santa Maria in Ara Colli in Rome and gathered hundreds of people among friends and officials inside the temple, as well as hundreds of fans in the street following it on screens and steadfastly enduring the Roman heat.

The coffins displayed over the past three days in the burning chapel at the Palazzo del Campidoglio, the capital’s city hall, entered the church on their shoulders after making their last journey in an escort car bordering the Imperial Forum.

Some tears appeared among those present at the ceremony, especially his partner and friend, Sergio Zappino, but a long and heartfelt applause broke the seriousness of the moment, somehow remembering the star that he was.

“What a great woman, artist and person, she has been an icon that has crossed a century and a millennium. Perhaps now we see everything that was a gift. This applause is everything to you ”, announced the presenter and friend Lorena Bianchetti from the altar of the church. Raffaella’s funeral was experienced as a national event, bringing together officials, friends, colleagues, dancers or followers, and was, in fact, first broadcast live on the RAI television channel.

The Church of Santa Maria in Ara Colli, on one of its hills, was decorated with yellow flowers, the artist’s favorite color and his most iconic photographs.

Inside, his closest friends, including Spanish belleur Joaquín Cortés and Italian choreographer Carmen Russo, sat duly distanced, while hundreds of fans followed the ceremony on giant screens.

When the coffin was pulled out of the temple, the artist’s confidante did not skimp on the applause and sang some of his most famous songs; Then they passed one by one to touch or kiss the simple wooden box in which it rested.

The funeral was performed by Father Simone Castaldi and four Capuchin friars from the monastery of San Giovanni Rotondo, custodians of the relics of Padre Pio, the most revered saint in Italy, to whom Raffaella Carra was extremely devoted.

Castaldi praised his example of humanity and practical goodness because his life was not “rhetorical”.

“Who knows if we realize the importance of artists, how much good they create in people”, declared the priest in front of a coffin surrounded by flowers and photographs.

“Meeting again in heaven will be a party and I’m sure we’ll find Rafaela in it, on the front lines,” he said.

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Father Simone Castaldi recalled that Raffaella Cara had great devotion to the saint of great popular reverence, Padre Pio. The artist often visited the monastery where Pio’s body is.

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The singer’s ashes will be taken to the monastery of San Giovanni Rotondo.